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JRB Chartered Surveyors

JRB Chartered Surveyors

ClientJRB Chartered Surveyors

Project Overview
JRB wanted a new website to automate their process in order to enable clients to obtain quotations and details via pdf through to their email. Their logo and colour palette was also slightly updated to ensure a clean and professional design.



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Prospective clients are able to fill in their details with ease through the data capture forms on the website. This saves time for JRB by providing them with all the information they need so they can provide an accurate quotation for the potential client. This streamlines the qualification process and saves time on admin, so JRB can focus on surveys.

Payment Forms converted to PDF

Once the potential client has submitted their details, the forms are automatically converted into a PDF file to begin the formal quotation process. The client is also sent the PDF of their details to their email address.

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