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Aztec Diamond

ClientAztec Diamond

Project Overview
Iconic brand Aztec Diamond has revolutionised the equestrian industry. From being the original inventors of the riding leggings, to using cutting-edge technology to design pieces that are comfortable, stylish and functional for riders on and off the saddle. We teamed up with Aztec Diamond to revamp their Google Ads campaigns with a goal of increasing brand awareness, acquiring new customers and driving meaningful results. Using the established brand as a launchpad, we used a mixture of Shopping, Display and Video campaigns to make sure we're in the right place, at the right time, for the right person.

We incorporated Channel Placement strategies into their YouTube campaigns to stay ahead of their competitors and introduce the brand to more potential customers. Creating a more top-funnel strategy, alongside data-driven attribution models has allowed us to illustrate the users's full journey from brand awareness, to consideration, to then making a purchase.

Google AdsStatistics

Increase In Conversions
Increase In ROAS
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Marketing & AdFeatures

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are the core of our campaign strategy for Aztec Diamond. It allows searchers to find the exact products they're looking for without having to scroll through an entire site, as the shopping ad will take them to that exact product. Coupling this with testing different automated bidding strategies, we're able to push different products as and when the demand is increasing and bid more efficiently to maintain a strong ROAS.

Display Ads

As we focus on the full funnel strategy for Aztec Diamond, Display campaigns play a crucial role in targeting people who have visited the site, but not yet purchased. This keeps the brand at the forefront of their mind during the consideration period and pushes them to return to the site to make a purchase. By using the data we've collected, we created product-specific ads so that the user would see more targeted ads based off the type of product they've been browsing.

Video Ads

We harness the power of YouTube to capture new and existing customers by showing them the latest collaborations and collections from the brand. By taking advantage of Channel Placements, we can show their ads on channels where their ideal customers are going to be. This allows us to increase brand awareness with potentially new customers and help with retargeting customers who are still in the consideration stage.

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