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Project Overview
Igni, previously known as ECO3 Energy Solutions came to us in need of a rebrand. They wanted a brand name that was short, snappy and that would remain relevant throughout the ever-changing advancements with today’s energy solutions.

When designing the brand, it was important we considered the use of their new logo on social media, Google Ads and commercial vehicle wraps.

We chose a colour palette that gave the brand a fresh and contemporary look alongside a modern typeface. The icon, symbolising power, was also incorporated into the text logo as well as a stand-alone logo. We also incorporated Ingi’s new brand style into their brand assets such as patterns and icons so keep the brand cohesive throughout the rollout.

The Igni website was designed with a focus on easy navigation and being user-friendly. The website needed to have a simple and straight-forward flow for the process of users applying for different grants, as well as being designed in line with their new brand.

After designing the brand for Igni, it was a smooth transition to progress the style of the brand and incorporate brand assets and identity throughout the web design.




For each service Igni provides, a custom eligibility checker was required. This was designed so that users would answer some simple questions in order to determine if they are eligible for Igni’s services and government grants.


Igni’s services were at the forefront of their website design, in order to showcase their range of grants and to encourage users to go through the flow of checking their eligibility.

Google AdsResults

Increase In Conversions
Increased Impression Share
Increase In Clicks

Marketing & AdFeatures

Search Ads

We used location-specific and custom targeted audiences to get in front of those most likely to be eligible.

We use clear and concise messaging to drive the audience through the funnel, achieving an exceptionally high conversion rate.

Display Ads

We used a Custom Audience to target users who are most likely looking for boiler and heating grants and were also most likely to be eligible; based off their search activity.

Using this audience, we targeted them with custom-designed Display Ads on various websites that they would be browsing.

This contributed to driving cheap but relevant traffic to the site and also a high conversion rate.

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