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Diamond Whites

Diamond Whites

ClientDiamond Whites

Project Overview
Bringing quality and affordable dental care to the UK, we work with established brand Diamond Whites to manage their Google Ads campaigns.
Endorsed by celebrity dentist, Dr Richards, Diamond Whites creates custom-moulded clear aligners that gently straighten your teeth over the course of a few months.

Our Google Ads strategy focused on using Google's suite of campaign types to capture people who have started their journey to finding affordable solutions for straightening their smile.
We created a full-funnel strategy to increase brand exposure to users who are starting the initial stages of researching aligners, as well as getting in front of people who are in the market and ready to start their treatment.
With YouTube being the second biggest search engine on the internet, this became a key part of our top-mid funnel strategy to target people who are actively researching their options and are still making decisions.

As well as their marketing campaigns, we also designed and developed their new website to launch their new branding.
Because aligners are a one-time purchase and is a dental treatment, it was important that the design looked sleek, clinical and trustworthy.
We also made clear pricing structures as well as a dedicated page to show users how the aligners process works from when they first visit the site, to when they get their aligners delivered to their door.

Google AdsStatistics

increase in Conversions
decrease in Cost Per Click
Increase in ROAS

Marketing & AdFeatures

Display ADs

A premium one-time-purchase product can have a longer consideration time compared to other products, which is why we test a range of image-driven display ads to target users who are at different stages in the funnel. Our audience research allowed us to identify different demographics, segments and life stages that were yielding higher conversions. We took this research and created custom display ads to target users in these specific life stages.

Video Ads

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, just behind Google. It's also where people are going to research products and services before they make a purchase, such as watching review videos and other people's experiences. Therefore getting in front of people when they're streaming videos, or when they're scrolling through YouTube Shorts allows us to put the brand at the forefront of their mind whilst they're in the consideration stage of their journey.

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Diamond WhitesTestimonial

I would definitely recommend, James and his team have been very helpful and always go above and beyond.

Ben Reed - Diamond Whites

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