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Better Living Outdoors

Better Living Outdoors

ClientBetter Living Outdoors

Project Overview
Better Living Outdoors came to Discovery Design to help improve their online marketing services across PCC and Social media. After quickly turning their campaigns around and heavily increasing their statistics, BLO decided to work with us on further projects.

We worked with BLO to develop a bespoke CRM system which would offer an all-in-one business solution that would manage the company's leads, sales, stock etc.

To accommodate the CRM system, we also developed a new website for BLO with the user's experience being the main priority as always. We were able to create a website which allows users to flow through with ease when choosing the perfect hot tub for them.



In DepthProduct Pages

The product pages offer an in-depth description of each product offering the user to read/watch as much or as little as they prefer.

Throughout the product page, there are multiple sections that display content such as hot tub specifications, product installation videos, as well as many other informative content sections.


All products are split between a number of ranges throughout the website, this is part of the filtering flow which helps users select the perfect hot tub for them.

The ranges section outlines key information such as starting prices, features and installation information. Having the ranges section helps the user choose the right tub for them and also flow through the website without frustration.

Google AdsStatistics

increase in Conversions
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Marketing & AdFeatures

Search Ads

We used location-specific Search campaigns to get the ads in front of people that are actively searching for hot tubs. Instead of using one campaign with nation-wide targeting, we assigned each campaign its own targeted area in the UK. This allows for more precise bidding techniques and ad copy that is more tailored to the location - for instance, featuring the showrooms in the areas where they are based.

The use of separate campaigns for each locations allows us to clearly measure the brand awareness in each area, competitor activity and which areas are generating the most leads.

Display Remarketing

We utilised Display Ads to retarget users who had visited certain pages on the website, but had not enquired or purchased. Remarketing with Display ads uses engaging imagery and clear calls to action to push users further down the funnel of either: visiting the showroom, calling the sales team, or purchasing a hot tub online.

Organic and PPC Social Content

We also manage Better Living Outdoors organic social content and produced PPC social ads for Facebook and Instagram. We regularly test new content and data-driven audiences to produce leads, enquiries and phone calls. From image-driven carousel ads, to engaging video content, our team continuously work on fresh content to boost engagement and drive sales.

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Better Living Outdoors deliver hot tubs nationwide, which is logistically challenging due to the size of the hot tubs including shipping and installing the items into customer's gardens. The system requests a video from the customer so that we can analyse the route before the delivery day, as well as fully managing the delivery schedule to make deliveries run efficiently and keep the customer up-to-date with their hot tub delivery.


Supporting a large number of hot tubs installed nationally can be challenging - with route management being crucial to helping customers get the service they need as quickly as possible. The system merges together geographical information and calendar information to help make the booking of repairs as streamlined as possible.

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