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Mala Art Co.

Mala Art Co.

ClientMala Art Co.

Project Overview
Mala Art Co. are curators and sellers of contemporary printed art canvas pieces from up and coming artists. We worked with them to scale their online advertising with Google Ads alongside their thriving social media platform.

With experience in Google Ads for a wide range of ecommerce brands, we were able to leverage a range of campaign types to determine what their ideal audience was searching for and to target users actively searching for their products.

Coupled with their range of high quality image and video content, we were able to create a multi-layered strategy to drive online sales and generated a strong Return on Investment for the brand.

Google AdsResults

Increase In Revenue
Increase In ROAS
Decrease In Cost per Click

Marketing & AdFeatures

Search Ads

We launched Search Ads to target users who are actively searching for their products. This means we are targeting people who have a high intent on taking meaningful action such as making a purchase.

Search Ads also provide an insight into what users are searching for to find our products and what drives them to purchase. This helps the campaigns to evolve with new keywords, trends and strategies to help scale the ads further.

Display Ads

We utilise Display Ads to retarget users who have visited the site but not yet purchased as well as launching Dynamic Display ads that show the user the specific product that they were viewing in the Display Ad.

By targeting users with display ads when they're browsing other sites, we are keeping the brand and the products at the forefront of their mind which pushes them further down the funnel to where they are most likely to make a purchase.

Shopping Ads

We launched Shopping Ads to showcase their range of printed art canvases on Google's Shopping Results. This drove cheap but highly relevant traffic to the site and allows us to advertise a wide range of products.

It's also a method of getting people into the funnel who are in the market for these types of products and can lead to further sales through the remarketing ads.

Video Ads

We also launched remarketing ads on YouTube to target users who had visited the site but not yet made a purchase. Targeting them on YouTube means we can show them our ad whilst they are streaming their favourite content and keeps the brand and their products in the forefront of their mind.

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