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Master Debonair

ClientMaster Debonair

Project Overview
We worked with established fashion brand Master Debonair to revamp their online store. The project was a large ecommerce store with a lot of vacant pages, so our team dissected the whole sitemap, removed redundant pages and defined a better sitemap structure. Before starting the design of the project, we wire-framed the whole website, which was a total of 54 page templates to ensure the website flow was perfect before introducing imagery and text content which was more SEO-friendly. The final product is a super sleek, easy-to-use ecommerce store which helps users define the way they want to shop (either online or in store).



ProductSample View

We included a 'Quick View' button on every product so that the user can see a brief overview of the product, description and sizes without having to go to the specific product page. Then if the user is happy with the product they've selected, they can chose their size and add the product directly to their basket without viewing the full product page.


Because Master Debonair sell a range of 2 and 3-piece suits, we created multi-product pages so that users could easily choose each part of their suit in their chosen size in one place. So the user spends less time looking for each separate part of the suit and can create their full look on one page.


We included an advanced search facility on Master Debonair to allow users to search for specific products, collections and articles.


We designed a clean and easy-to-use navigation menu on Master Debonair, as there were a lot of pages and we wanted to ensure users can find the page they are looking for quickly and effortlessly. We also included visual navigation for the “Shop All” button to feature imagery from some of the popular product categories.


To ensure that Master Debonair’s new website was much easier for users to navigate, we designed a section specific to product categories. This makes it much easier for users to find their desired product and, if they had a specific type of product in mind, they don’t have to scroll through hundreds of products to find what they were particularly looking for.


We also included a wishlist on the Master Debonair website so that users can create a list of products they like before purchasing.

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