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NOVO London

ClientNOVO London

Project Overview
Inspired by modern simplicity and British quality, NOVO London was born out of a need for quality-made and sustainable clothing pieces designed for the modern woman. They saw how the fast-fashion market was pressuring shoppers to chase trends which leads to many women wearing one piece of clothing once and then throwing away because it’s either made of poor quality materials or it’s no longer on trend.

That's why they focus on core pieces and capsule wardrobes that focus on quality, style and elegance.

Our collaboration with NOVO allows us to help them continue to disrupt the fast-fashion market with encouraging women to buy key pieces of clothing that they can style many ways and also wear season after season. They focus on timeless and elegant designs that that keep up with the grind of the modern day woman.

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Marketing & AdFeatures

Search Ads

Search Ads allow businesses to get their ad in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time. We leveraged Search campaigns to allow the NOVO brand to carve their own place in the highly competitive online fashion market. Search Ads are crucial for brand visibility and brand consistency with people searching for products they are offering.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads formed the core element of our strategy for NOVO London. Google Shopping Ads allow ecommerce brands to feed through their inventory and show searchers their products alongside the price, product image and any special offers, all before the user even clicks on the ad. When the user does click on a shopping ad, they are taken straight to the product page, which reduces the risk of them leaving the site because they can’t find what they’re looking for.

Display Ads

To compliment and Search and Shopping campaigns, Display Ad campaigns allow us to keep the NOVO brand at the forefront of the user’s mind with image-driven ads.

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