16th May 2019

How To Prequalify Your PPC Ad Traffic

Although higher click-through rates or more clicks and more conversions may look great on a report, what’s really important is that your clicks and conversions are from the right people. Unqualified conversions will not cut it. This is why you want to make sure that you are targeting the correct audience for conversions.
You can do this by using the right keywords and writing ad copies to filter out any irrelevant people. However, this can limit clicks to the potential customers you really need. In order to prequalify your PPC ad traffic, you should look to discourage users that you don’t really want or need your service in order to deliver a better ROI.
Here are three ways to prequalify your PPC ad traffic:

Figure out what qualifies

The first thing that you need to do is to define what type of conversion qualifies as a wanted one. You want to make sure you are getting only your target audience whatever your business is advertising.
Businesses have to take measures to reach individuals that meet the criteria of their ideal target customer. It’s important that they show interest in your product as well. Depending on your specific business model, the criteria for your ideal leads might include factors like their income, their age, parental status, where they’re located, and whether or not they own a home.
You might also want to look at your prospects’ job titles, company size, and what industry they work in.

Tailor your campaigns

Once you have identified your target audience and whether they fit your criteria,  what follows then is how you will craft your ads so that you are speaking directly to that specific audience. You should speak to your marketing team and decision makers in order to work together to identify personas and come up with the kind of content that will appeal to those personas.
Consider the demographics of your target audience in order to correctly create ad campaigns that will appeal to that group of people. Based on their demographics, you must work with your team to figure out what will appeal to them most. 
You need to find out how they can make their ad a personalized campaign for those specific people in order to increase engagement. Ultimately, this will increase conversions. When someone you are trying to target sees your ad, you want them to find it interesting, click on it, and engage with your brand in order for it to translate into a conversion.

Use qualifying search terms

You want to use appealing language and set your brand apart from others in this competitive market. You also want to use qualifying search terms that are relevant to your brand and potential customer base.
It is important that you choose and buy keywords that are likely to be searched by your audience and potential targets. On your actual ad, it’s important to lure prospects in to encourage engagement. In order to get clicks, try to sneak your keywords into your ads while also keeping it interesting to a potential target audience.
Using qualifying words will make your ad more intriguing to your audience while also helping you bring in more organic traffic that is relevant to your campaign.
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Jack Stanness, Content Creator
Published: 16th May, 2019
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