23rd Jun 2016

Email marketing: Push or pull marketing?

When it comes to marketing there are two different strategies, push and pull. Push marketing, a form of advertising which sends some kind of communication to the customer. Be it through a pop up, banner ad or even telemarketing, push marketing targets a specific audience with messages, promotions and offers. Essentially push marketing is the act of pushing adverts on your customers.

Pull marketing on the other hand is when you indirectly pull visitors in, making conversions through natural sales because of successful marketing plans. Offering deals, discounts and bonuses, means that a business can pull their customers in.

Although not always seen this way, email marketing is an increasingly popular form of pull marketing. Through emailing potentially interested candidates, a business can pull in new customers or encourage existing customers to return. 

Using email you can send creative, factual emails to customers, showing them what deals are on offer as well as providing discount codes to customers to use on your website. This is a targeted way of marketing your products and your business overall.

Many would argue that email could be a push form of selling, emailing people pushes the message onto customers in order to buy, however this isn’t the case. Buy sending offers to customers, it’s offering them something, but not forcing them to buy.

Email marketing is a great way to send specific content to certain audiences with many emails generated based on a customers buying habits rather than random spam content. Because of this, email marketing is regarded as a pull strategy, due to how it pulls people in rather than sending them advertising emails with little thought behind them.

It’s important that you have both push and pull marketing strategies in place, push marketing allows for you to communicate with established leads, whereas pull marketing let’s you reach out to new audiences, however it’s important you don’t get them mixed up and with the lines starting to blur it’s important you keep up to date. 

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 23rd June, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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