24th Oct 2018

Choosing A PPC Agency: Important Questions To Ask Prospective Agencies

Pay Per Click advertising is increasing in popularity with brands large and small choosing to use PPC in order to increase clicks and improve sales. With more brands opting to begin PPC campaigns, there’s also been an influx in PPC marketing companies and freelancers looking to help businesses grow.

If you’re unsure whether your PPC agency is giving you the biggest bang for your buck, we’ve put together a few questions your agency should be able to answer confidently in order to prove they want to give you the best results. 

What’s Your Process?

One of the first questions you should ask you prospective PPC agencies is to ask them what their process is. You want to know what research your PPC agency carries out, what keyword research they do, how they structure ads and ad copy and if they are specialised in any particular niche such as shopping, video or mobile. By finding out what their process is and how they build your ad campaign, you can determine if an agency knows what they’re talking about and decide if you trust them to boost your business.

Are You Certified?

Whilst a certification doesn’t necessarily mean an agency does paid search well, it does mean they understand the search process and the search platform’s features and functionality. So while being a certified partner or Google partner isn’t a deal breaker, it can make your decision much more simple because you’ll know that your agency has gained experience, has the knowledge and can follow the Google Ads best practices exam, which can build trust.

How Do You Reduce Excess Spending?

Spending too much money and wasting your budget is never the way to increase sales, any PPC agency worth their salt knows this, which is why it’s important you ask how they intend of reducing excess spending in order to save money, yet still drive results.  If an agency discusses a proactive strategy that improves quality scores, eliminates irrelevant traffic and removes negative keywords, these are all indicators that an agency is actively looking to make your campaign more efficient and save you money. 

Do You Offer Full Reports?

One of the largest advantages of Pay Per Click advertising is that it offers the ability to capture a range of data including clicks, conversions and impressions – no matter how big or small. You need to know if your prospective agency will provide reports on the campaign and if these reports are included as standard. By finding out if reports and are available and knowing what is including in these reports you can determine if an agency will be able to provide you with evidence that your campaign is working well.

Have You Dealt With Similar Campaigns?

While they might not mention client names specifically in order to comply with confidentially, your PPC agency should be able to offer you some kind of information about similar Ads accounts that they’ve managed or dealt with in the past. Bear in mind that not all ad campaigns are created equally, many are more advanced than others and offer more value than others, you need to make sure that your agency can handle your needs and requirements. 

Once you know what your own unique needs are and what you want from a PPC agency, you can choose the most suitable company that can create an ad campaign that meets all your unique specifications. Don’t rush into deciding on an agency, be sure to spend time researching before you hire anyone, evaluating the capability of each agency you consider.

Remember the cheapest isn’t always best – look for a professional company who have your business goals and needs in mind, helping you meet your goals for sales, lead generation, conversions and much more! 

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 24th October, 2018
Categories: Marketing

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