10th Jan 2017

Conversion Rate Optimisation in 2017: Our Top Predictions

The constant development and increasing competition of online stores, businesses and apps, has forced brands to be even more creative in their attempts to drive traffic, leads and conversions. These days conversion optimisation has quickly become a must for businesses who are looking to succeed online and is something that shouldn’t be ignored. 

With more focus likely to be placed on conversion rate optimisation in the coming year, let’s take a look at some of the trends we’re likely to see and which businesses and marketers should be looking to implement.  

Machine & AI Learning 

It might sound like something straight from The Terminator but it looks like 2017 is going to be the year that machines and artificial intelligencer are incorporated into our daily lives, even taking prominence in the landscape of conversion optimisation. AI can be a useful tool for helping with traffic allocation, tracking and data analysis, helping with some of the workload. 

While machines can’t replace the creativity and human understanding of human intelligence, they can help with the data side of things, in order for humans to focus on the more exciting and creative aspects of business, that makes their brand so unique.  

Cross Device Testing 

These days we have access to the internet on many different platforms, from standard desktop devices to tablets and mobiles, right through to on our smart watches, our cars and even our TVs, the internet is everywhere and it’s much bigger than many realise.

With so many places to now access the web, as well as due to new technologies, it means that there’s now new opportunities for A/B testing, device testing and new ways to develop your marketing funnels. Over the next few years testing complexity is likely to change leaving businesses and marketers looking to cater to different audiences depending on device or on the available technology.  

Google Interruption 

In 2016 Google released an enhanced, powerful A/B testing tool named Google Optimise. The free tool allows businesses who may not have been aware of the concept of A/B testing, the chance to test their websites, bringing conversion optimisation straight into the mainstream.  

This does raise awareness and increase the credibility of conversion rate optimisation, however it could mean that in the coming year we could see more businesses and marketers practising poor A/B testing techniques, placing less value on the power of experienced and knowledgeable conversation rate optimisation specialists.  

Hyper Personalisation  

Personalisation is likely to be big business in the next few years and with many huge brands already offering a personalised and optimised customer experience, it’s time for businesses to start catching up quickly. Personalisation creates a connection between your business and your customer, letting them feel cared for and allowing them to develop a love for your company.

Personalised emails, product recommendations, location specific content and even dynamic pricing for shipping, can all be simple ways you can optimise your business in order to increase conversions and help develop your relationship with your customers. 

While it might be a while before you think to implement AI’s in your business or sending our personalised emails, there’s no reason you shouldn’t begin thinking about and taking notice of which brands are doing so and doing so successfully, you can’t develop your business without experimentation.

Are you interesting in looking to boost your CRO in the coming year? Why not speak with a member of our team to find our more?

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 10th January, 2017
Categories: Google Ads Marketing

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