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How To Build a Custom CRM – Our Guide

Marketers used to say that anything that could be automated should be automated. A customised customer relationship management (CRM) software helps automate aspects of business such as customer support, marketing and sales. However, more than half of the companies that once purchased packaged CRM software would fail to implement it in their business processes, according to one study. In this article, we explore whether it is possible to use a customised CRM to build healthy relationships with customers. 

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What Does a CRM System Include?

Custom CRM systems include a variety of functions that a brand can apply to a business model. The list includes:

  • Ability to analyse all interactions with a potential or existing customer;
  • Salesforce automation that allows the automating of a sales process flow till the moment when a customer agrees to pay a certain amount of money for a product or a service;
  • Being able to make an appropriate response to each customer request whether that is through a request form or a comment/letter submitted to your brand
  • Informative and analytical reports give a possibility to plan the future development of a business and ways to improve a current situation by digging a little deeper into a subject.
  • This is a tool with a deep insight into customer behaviour and a variety of functions that can be applied to a business model, helping to automate a sales process and to develop a company at a growing pace.


What Features Should a CRM Software Have?

The most important feature a customer relationship management software should have is the possibility to collect a lot of information about a customer and a brand. This information should be collected from a number of sources, such as:

  • Interaction with a customer support team;
  • Receipts from a customer as a result of a purchase;
  • A contact form filled out by a customer;
  • Email correspondence with a customer.


In addition, there are a number of customisable features that a brand can apply to the application:

  • Email templates that help to make an appropriate response to a customer;
  • Lead sources that prove what channels of interaction with a customer bring the best results;
  • Lead scoring that helps to prioritise leads;
  • Automated email campaigns that can be applied to a situation when a potential customer is at a stage “before the purchasing decision”;
  • Lead nurturing that helps to push a potential customer to a stage “after the purchasing decision”.


Having thought out the main features, a company shall proceed to the stage when it is time to choose a CRM software that can satisfy business requirements and understand how to create a custom CRM.


How to Build a Customised CRM?

There are a variety of ways to build a custom CRM. At Discovery Design, we can help! Get in touch with us today to see how we can build a bespoke CRM system for your business.

Article By
Anna Stewart, Digital Marketing Strategist
Published: 9th December, 2021
Categories: Programming

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