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Web Design Trends Businesses Should Consider in 2022

A website’s design accounts for nearly 95% of a visitor’s first impression of your business, which is a core component of driving traffic and sales. That’s why we recommend using modern web design to complement your marketing strategies.

This blog post will discuss emerging web design trends that you should consider for your business in the coming year.


Web Design Trends Businesses Should Consider in 2022

1 – Simplistic design

The simplistic design is a web design trend that seems to be gaining momentum among designers. The trend involves using a clean, minimalist design on a website with a focus on typography. Busy, complex design styles are being phased out in favour of simple, easy-to-read content. As the attention span of internet users continues to decrease, design styles that improve the user experience will be in high demand.


2 – Sliders and scrollers

Sliders and scrollers are not going away anytime soon. They are a great way to showcase multiple features or products in a limited space. Sliders and scrollers are frequently used in conjunction with other web design trends.


3 – Minimalistic, single page designs

Single page designs have been around for some time but are only recently starting to gain popularity. Single page designs are preferred by users compared with multi-page sites, primarily due to most users’ short attention spans. Single page designs are also a great way to showcase a variety of content in an easy-to-navigate, streamlined format.


4 – Minimalistic, bold colour schemes

Colour schemes are another essential part of web design trends that continue to evolve. The style of minimalistic, bold colour design has been used recently in a variety of industries but is not nearly as prolific as some of the other web design trends on this list. In the coming years, bold, simple colour schemes will be used to attract the attention of web users in the face of an increasingly saturated internet.


5 – Mobile-first design

Mobile-first design is a trend that you should be considering right now, especially if your business is targeting mobile users. In 2018, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic and will continue to reign supreme as the preferred source of internet access in the coming years. With screen sizes continuing to increase, responsive web design will be the preferred method for designing mobile websites.


6 – Enhanced functionality

As technology continues to evolve, so do users’ expectations of the functionality of their devices. Mobile devices have become increasingly powerful and capable as price points continue to decrease and users demand increasingly complex functionality on their devices.


7 – Content first

The content-first web design trend was the most popular trend for the past few years, with both users and website owners valuing content above all else. Google’s algorithm, in particular, has encouraged website owners to optimise their sites for organic search by prioritising content over images and design. In the coming years, web design trends will put even more emphasis on content.



Web design trends are an essential part of successful digital marketing strategies. The web is an ever-changing medium, and if you don’t keep up with the changing landscape, you may risk becoming outdated.

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Article By
Anna Stewart, Digital Marketing Strategist
Published: 21st January, 2022
Categories: Web Design Marketing

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