10th Feb 2017

5 Ways Your Brand Can Feel The Love This Valentines Day

Love it or hate it, Valentines day is nearly upon us and with only a matter of days to go many businesses are beginning their promotions and working hard to make the most of it. From chocolates and flowers to clothes and jewellery, Valentines day offers many opportunities for businesses to increase sales during what would otherwise be a relatively slow month for business. 

While you might be led to believe that Valentines can only bring opportunities for restaurants, hotels, florists and jewellers, in fact Valentines can work for a number of industries, allowing everyone to successfully tap into and profit from Valentines day. 

Share The Social Media Love

While you should always be trying to make the most of your social media platforms, during seasonal events, your social media provides you with more opportunities to add value to your customers experience. By using your social media to share blog posts, images, videos and special offers, as well as using it to encourage engagement and shares with your followers, you can give not only give back to your customers but also get them involved with the day. 

It’s likely that social media will have a number of hashtags and trending topics relevant to Valentines day and through sharing your own content and getting involved in the conversation you can reach out to new audiences, as well as show your followers you’re involved in relevant and up to date events.  

Email Marketing 

Send your customers some love in the form of an Valentines day email marketing campaign. By creating a Valentines day campaign that displays products that could be ideal for gifts for Valentines day, promoting your Valentines day deals and offers or even including your own Valentines related coupon code, you could see more people heading to your website in order to find out more or purchase your items. 

By timing your email to reach your customers in time for Valentines day or even a few days before and by including Valentines day themed graphics, fonts and themed call to actions you can instantly attract your customers to your email and ultimately to your website, increasing your traffic and your sales. 

Special Offers

Seasonal events are a great way to give back to your customers and increase sales through offers and deals. From couples looking to treat each other to singles looking to treat themselves, it’s likely that many will find themselves looking for deals and offers during the Valentines day period and even on the day itself. Why not give something back to your customers and give them the offers they’re looking for?

Sharing your deals and offers on your website, your social media and also through your email marketing campaigns, allows you to reach out to your audience on a number of platforms, making sure everyone is aware of any offers you may have on your products and services. 

Themed Landing Pages 

If you’re looking for a way to get your products out there to your customers all in one place a special Valentines day themed landing page could be everything you need. By sending your customers to a landing page that shows all your themed items or products that might be bought as gifts for Valentines day you can group everything together alongside some strong call to actions, increasing your chance of sales.

Linking to your landing page through your emails, social media and even through your paid ads means that people don’t have to spend their time hunting through your entire site trying to find items, instead they’re right in front of them when they click your link, letting people look while they are still hyped about the product.

Decorate Your Platforms 

Despite Valentines day only being for one day there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look to decorate your website or social media in order to celebrate the day. From minor changes to your logos and header images such as the addition of hearts or flowers, to specially made graphics made just for the day, there’s no reason your business shouldn’t show that you’re involved in the day. 

Changing your graphics, logos and headers can be a simple and inexpensive change that can reflect well on your business, creating a sense of goodwill and showing that you’re still relevant and up to date. 

Like many other seasonal events, Valentines day gives your business a number of ideas to   promote your products, make sales and encourage engagement. While it might just be another day for many, for businesses every day matters, so share the love this Valentines day and build the best campaign for your business.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 10th February, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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