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5 Tips to Ensure a Great E-commerce Website Design

Are you trying to build an e-commerce website? If so, pay careful attention to its design. It is what makes or breaks your website and can determine if users purchase products or leave your website without purchasing anything. That means you won’t be selling anything, and that’s never a good thing for your business.

So, how do you ensure your e-commerce website’s design is working? Here are some design tips to follow?


Use Clean, Simple Fonts

Web browsers cannot display all fonts, so it is important to use fonts that are commonly supported. That means using fonts like Verdana, Arial, Helvetica or Lucida Sans Unicode.

Use bold fonts to create contrast, but not too bold that it is difficult to read. Fancy fonts are to be avoided because they are not easy to read.


Use White Spaces Liberally

White spaces are like non-verbal cues in a conversation. It gives people space to breathe and read. The space allows viewers’ eyes to rest, and it increases a sense of calm and comfort when they’re looking at your website.

So, your website should have enough white space. It should not be cramped with words and images, and it should have large blocks of white space. This is to ensure that everything on your website is easy to read.


Use Images with White Backgrounds

Your website should have a white background, and that background colour should extend to the images that you use on your website. This makes it easier for customers to focus on your products and the prices, and it makes it easier to read.

Images with busy backgrounds or images with dark or black backgrounds should be avoided.


Centre the Main Product Image

If you are selling products, then ensure you place the main product image in the centre of your e-commerce website. This makes it easier for your customers to see the image, and it makes it easier for them to find and read the product description.

If you put the image on the left or on the right, then you will actually make it harder for your visitors to find the three most important components of your website: Your product image, your product description, and the price.


Avoid Using Unnecessary Images

Images are great for creating a certain feeling and adding visual interest to your website. Still, you should not use a lot of pictures just for the sake of using pictures. Make sure the images you use on your e-commerce website add value to your website.

Make sure they are relevant to your website and make sure they are of high quality. You can do this by using high-res images that capture your customers’ attention.



All these tips are to ensure your e-commerce website’s design makes it easier for your customers to buy your products and services. Always remember, you want your customers to be happy and satisfied, so everything is to make the buying process more comfortable for them. Additionally, you should consider the importance of a good e-commerce website design. It is a critical factor in your success. So, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you have a high-quality e-commerce website that can sell your products.

Discovery Design is a design, development, and marketing agency in Durham geared towards helping businesses thrive in the online environment. If you want to enjoy a bespoke e-commerce website, reach out to us today!

Article By
Anna Stewart, Digital Marketing Strategist
Published: 10th June, 2022
Categories: Web Design Ecommerce

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