29th Nov 2016

Christmas Ecommerce Tips: Boost Your Sales This Christmas

With just under a month to go until the big day there’s still plenty of time left to make the changes and improvements necessary to get your business ready for the Christmas period. From tightening your shipping process to speeding up your checkout process, there’s a number of simple and effective ways you can optimise your ecommerce experience and boost your sales this Christmas. 

If you’re looking to offer your customers a great experience as well as improve your sales this Christmas, then here’s 6 important things you need to consider.

Get That Festive Feel 

Bring your website to life this Christmas by changing your colour scheme, graphics or banners. Whilst decorating your website can look tacky if done poorly, with a great plan and fun images that stick with the tone of your site using can be very effective. Using festive colours such as red, green and gold or including snow filled backgrounds or animations can not only make your website seem more festive but also shows your customers that you’re ready and prepared for the Christmas season.  

Christmas Promotions 

Another way you can boost sales this Christmas is by offering festive themed promotions. Offering a “Christmas star buy” option or one day only Christmas promotion, which gives your customers a chance to grab a gift for a cheaper price can not only encourage them to spend, but shows your customers you want them to have a bargain, even during a time where generating a profit seems to be the biggest deal for businesses.

Be Clear With Delivery

Your customers want to know that their gift is going to arrive on time for Christmas day, which is why it’s important you’re clear as to exactly when your delivery cut off date is. By highlighting your delivery cut off point on your home page, product pages and even during the checkout process your customers will know exactly when to order by, allowing you to be completely transparent with customers and showing off reliability.  

Offer Extras 

When it comes to Christmas it’s always good to add extras to your service, if you offer gift wrapping services or write personal messages on gift cards or gifts, you can not only boost sales, but also offer a convenient service for your customers. Most Christmas shoppers tend to want their gifts bought, wrapped and ready for Christmas, gift wrapping, kills two birds with one stone and shows how much your business cares for it’s customers.  

Focus On Bundles

Christmas is a great time to focus on bundles and up-selling, with people choosing to buy stocking fillers and additional gifts, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to increase your sales by offering these additional items as part of a bundle or multi-buy. Offering a “customers also bought” or “other items you may be interested in” section after the checkout pages or even on product pages you can encourage your customers to check out more of your products.

Don’t Forget Voucher Codes

Just because the main focus is on boosting your sales throughout Christmas doesn’t mean you shouldn’t forget to focus on your sales into the new year. Including a voucher or coupon code in a follow up email can be a really simple and effective way for you to increase the chances of your customers returning again and buying from your store again. 

Christmas is one of the biggest times of year for ecommerce businesses, with the above tips in mind as well as a carefully thought out marketing plan, you can be generating more traffic and more sales this Christmas. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 29th November, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce

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