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Greek Summer School

Greek Summer School

ClientGreek Summer School

Project Overview
The Greek Summer School needed their current website replaced with an updated solution along with a new CRM for their staff and students.

We worked with the team at The Greek Summer School to create an easy flowing and informative website that helps provide current and potential students with all of the information they require.

There is also a constant push throughout the website for users to apply for the school, of clicked this will take the user to the CRM system we have programmed for the school.



ApplyPay & Verify

Students can apply online using a quick and easy online form. If they need to pay, the system captures the payment. The system then verifies their application with parents if they are 18 and their referee.


The system dynamically groups together students to streamline communications to a large number of students simultaneously. This means that during the busy application periods, they can get the right message to the right students at the right time.

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