30th Apr 2018

We’re Turning 20: Celebrating 20 Years Of Discovery Design!

This Tuesday marks an exciting milestone for Discovery Design, as we reach our 20th birthday! Which officially means we’ve been providing bespoke, innovative and dynamic solutions to our customers for 2 decades now.

It’s safe to say that a lot has changed since 1998, not only in terms of technology and trends but also for us a company. Throughout the years we’ve relocated the business to better serve the North East, we’ve grown a strong relationship with Google, acquiring partner status, certificates and specialisations in our field, as well as choosing to focus on SEO in order to excel and generate success for our clients. We’ve also developed our own bespoke services throughout this time, which has been a key part in our growth and success. 

20 years is a long time in the web design and marketing industry, but with constant research and development, we’ve worked hard to keep ahead of the curve throughout the years.

Plenty of web design agencies have come and gone in the last 20 years, many of which offer their customers a standard website, a website that looks the part but offers no results. Which is where we differ. For us, we pride ourselves on producing great work, with a friendly, yet knowledgeable service, helping our customers achieve success whilst still keeping up with modern styles and trends. 

As our work continues to improve year on year, our reputation continues to grow alongside it, allowing us to position ourselves as experts in the field and we’re proud to offer solutions that not only hit each brief but more importantly we offer solutions that our customers love.

Over the years, what was initially a very small operation has transformed into a company consisting of a team of talented designers, developers and marketing specialists, bringing their own personalities to the company and each with their own ideas, all dedicated to building impactful solutions for our clients. Growing the team has allowed us to keep specialisation in each specific area, helping us keep up with the fast-paced industry and enabling us to continue moving forward in each aspect. 

While we might have 2 decades under our belt, there’s no chance of us slowing down just yet, in fact, we’re always thinking about how we can become even more dynamic, creative and productive. With so much in the pipeline in terms of client projects and our own website redevelopment, as well as the continuation of our current expansion, we’re excited for what the future brings to both us at Discovery Design and our clients. 

To all our clients, both old and new, we’d like to thank you for your continued support throughout the years and for growing alongside us. 

A solid past and a bright future, here’s looking to another 20 years of success! 



Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 30th April, 2018
Categories: Discovery Design

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