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Lydia’s First 3 Months At Discovery Design

From starting in the middle on a nation-wide lockdown, to challenging her skills with bespoke design, Lydia takes us through her first three months at Discovery Design. Read how her first projects helped to elevate her skills and how the team helped her settle into her role as a Designer.


Starting A New Role During Lockdown

I started my time at Discovery Design in April 2021. Starting my new role in a time of country-wide lockdown wasn’t the usual start to a new job, but I still managed to dive straight into my new role as a Designer. The team were very warm and welcoming and all helped me to hit the ground running with my first set of design projects.


Taking My Skills To The Next Level

My new role is an exciting opportunity to test myself and take my digital-based design skills to the next level. I feel as though my background mainly being in illustrative design can bring something different to our bespoke projects.

Since the start of my time at Discovery, I feel as though my design skills are constantly developing and I have learned so much from the rest of the team. Working alongside Kate, our Lead Designer as well as the Development and Marketing Team has given me the opportunity to create work for so many different purposes.

I love having the chance to always work on different projects, the ever changing context of work keeps my role as a Designer exciting. In my first few months I have worked on new brand packages, bespoke web design and custom artwork for a range of businesses and campaigns. 

I look forward to what I will be working on in future with the Discovery team!


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Lydia Speed, Designer
Published: 14th July, 2021
Categories: Discovery Design

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