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4th Aug 2021

Rob’s First Three Months At Discovery Design

Rob, our newest addition to the Developer team, talks to us about how he found his first 3 months here at Discovery Design. He takes us through his unique position of starting a new role in the middle of a nation-wide lockdown and how he is pushing his skills as a developer to deliver bespoke solutions for our clients.


Starting A New Job During A Pandemic

Starting a new job is enough to test anyones nerves, throwing in a global pandemic didn’t make it any easier. My background was mostly in frontend website work and coming into a role where I would be doing both frontend and backend work was certainly nerve-racking. However, Directors James and Sarah made me feel very welcome and my nerves quickly settled.

I was immediately impressed with the processes Discovery Design have when it comes to new projects. The structure and plans that are put in place, even before the work begins, makes the job much easier and leaves little room for errors and problems that can be avoided easily.


Diving Into My First Project

When I started my first project, I worked with fellow developer Mark, who was fantastic at helping me find my feet here at Discovery Design. Both Mark and Managing Director James were on hand at all times to help me tackle parts of the projects that I had simply never done before. The project itself was challenging, as it took what I already knew and raised it to a whole new level. I was learning new processes and discovering different and more efficient ways of doing things. But most importantly, it was changing the way I thought about projects.

Looking back to the beginnings of that project, there are plenty of things that I didn’t understand then but I understand now, and being at Discovery Design has driven me to that point.


Meeting The Team Outside Of Zoom

It was a number of months before I was able to meet the rest of the team in person, but when I eventually did, everyone made me feel welcome. I already feel like I have been there a number of years! The other members of the Development Team have helped me with my projects and I have had the chance to work with such fantastic Designers who have been such a great help. 

Each member of Discovery Design brings such a unique and amazing set of skills to the company and I feel like by being here, I am discovering mine. I can see myself being here for a long time, enhancing my skills with every project and getting to my ultimate goal of being a Full Stack Developer. I wish I had made the jump to Discovery sooner!

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Rob Howdle, Developer
Published: 4th August, 2021
Categories: Discovery Design

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