18th Dec 2020

Our 2020 Highlights at Discovery Design

We’re reflecting on this challenging year and highlighting some of our favourite projects and results that we have achieved for our clients in the last 12 months.

Building Websites To Support Businesses Adapting To The New Normal

The first national lockdown saw many businesses being forced to close their doors, encountering many financial hurdles and having to adapt to new ways of operating upon re-opening on 4th July.

One client that had to create and adapt to a new system was Emre’s Barbershop based in Newton Aycliffe. Suddenly his classic walk-in service used by many barbershops was no longer viable with the new, strict guidelines. He approached us to develop an integrated booking system to keep the amount of customers in the barbershop to a safe number to avoid the virus spreading.

We developed a booking system that allows customers to effortlessly choose from a range of services that Emre’s Barbershop offers, before choosing their date and time slot. The customer then receives a confirmation email of their appointment date and time and two reminder SMS messages – one 24 hours before their appointment and one 2 hours beforehand. This gives customers opportunities to cancel their appointments and reduce the number of no-shows for the barbershop.

Emre and his customers are very happy with the booking system we developed and intend to use the booking system for the foreseeable future. Emre had 110 bookings in the first hour of launching his booking system and the first 7 days of opening were fully booked within 72 hours.

Putting the UX in Luxury For An International Brand

This project is a main highlight for the majority of the Discovery Design team. We worked tirelessly for four months to design, develop and deliver Sports World, the world’s leading sports magazine, a website that reflected their luxurious brand.

Endorsed by numerous world-famous athletes from Lionel Messi, to Anthony Joshua, our client wanted a bespoke platform to promote luxury businesses to their exclusive clientele of sports and entertainment professionals.

We kept the design minimalistic and aligned with the magazine’s aesthetic and focus on luxury lifestyles, whilst incorporating strong imagery and video content.

Check out their website here.

Showcasing the North East In House of Crewe’s Website

Sleek design meets engaging video content in House of Crewe’s bespoke website. Based in the North East, House of Crewe are experienced property consultants that specialise in property investment, buy to lets, property flips, refurbs, and property management.

Our designers and developers created a platform to launch the House of Crewe brand and space for our clients to showcase their growing professional portfolio of North East properties.

Users can seamlessly navigate through to see House of Crewe’s services, previous projects and customer testimonials that boasts the experience that our client’s have within their industry.

View their website here.

Achieving New Highs with our ROAS 

Our work with Google Ads for our clients this year saw us surpass 5,000% ROAS. We helped clients from various industries increase brand awareness, conversion rates, Return on Investment, whilst lowering their Cost per Conversion.

Are you ready to get your Google Ad campaign started? Contact our experienced team today.

Promoting Rehoming Charity Stray Aid

As a team, we are real animal lovers, with most of our team having dogs or cats and even Jack with a pet Tortoise! We wanted to support a cause close to our hearts and were delighted to be able to support local Durham Animal Shelter Stray Aid. We designed and developed a website that is on brand and has the functionality that they needed to help them streamline their rehoming process and build their online presence.

Breaking the Stigma with Naturally North CBD

Our client Naturally North CBD wanted blog post content for her website that would increase her SEO rankings and also help break down the stigma of using CBD for health reasons. We worked with our client to brainstorm and research innovative blog content that would be powerful to read and also present our client as an expert and reliable source when it comes to CBD.

From CBD helping pain management, to the potential it can have for women’s health and mental wellbeing, we explored and listened to her customer’s candid stories on how CBD has helped them with their health to help break down the stigma of CBD in the UK.

Our content helped our client to grow her online community and following, especially on her social media channels and also to open a conversation for people to learn more about CBD.

Growing Our Team

We welcomed in the New Year by moving into our new office space! We finally had more creative space, a larger meeting area for clients and more room to grow our team.

This year we welcomed four new people to the Discovery Design team: Michael as a Senior Developer; Anna as a Digital Marketing Executive, and Ashley and  Julia as a Front-End Developers.

We’re excited to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome in 2021 with new and exciting projects and continuing to get great results for our clients.

Article By
Anna Stewart, Digital Marketing Strategist
Published: 18th December, 2020
Categories: Discovery Design

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