30th Jan 2018

Video Marketing: What It Means For The Future Of Content Marketing

Over the last decade, the general online landscape has evolved quite significantly, with changes taking place across social media, online search and even with how people interact with digital content. These days audiences are phasing out typical desktop devices and instead picking up their phones and tablets to browse the web, shop online and watch videos, to name just a few things, with very few boundaries available on how and when people interact online. 

One of the biggest changes to take place in the last 10 years is the way in which audiences are interacting with video and video marketing.

In 2008 the idea of streaming on demand was a pipe dream and the idea of using Youtube to grow businesses, market brands and create this new form of celebrity, was unheard of, now, however, video is it’s own fully scaled industry and something we should be keeping an eye on in coming months. 

With Facebook and Youtube currently dominating the video industry, it’s safe to say that while TV marketing is still important, if brands are looking to generate engaging and actionable videos, the new home of this is definitely online. 

But what do marketers and businesses need to know about video and why is it being hailed the future of marketing? 

Video Offers Richer Content 

Video content isn’t as restricted as print or static display advertising, for example, static ads are restrained by page location and even ad size, meaning that video can offer much richer, more valuable content and ultimately lead to better results. The use of video content also makes it much easier to tell a narrative, given the length of a video and the fact it can cut between a start, beginning and end, something else can offer value to your marketing, giving you more time to explain yourself. 

Video Marketing Can Strengthen Your Message

When you use video marketing you have a great opportunity to enhance your brand’s message, your brand’s style, as well as a perfect way of establishing your branding. Through your content, your style, the branding you choose to include and your voice, you can strengthen your brand identity in order to make sure that your audience knows exactly who you are and exactly what you stand for. 

Shareable Video Content

As interest for online video content grows it means that more people are sharing the video content they discover online, across their own social media and blogs. Through sharing, it means that your video content could be viewed across the internet to thousands of people, allowing your message to be passed on to the masses. This could result in not only an increase in engagement but also allows for results such as more leads or sales in commercial businesses. 

Given the accessibility of video, as well as the viral nature of video marketing, video is a smart way to approach content marketing throughout 2018 and acts as a powerful way of reaching out to your audience, spreading your message and offering a real impact, compared to the likes of static ads!

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 30th January, 2018
Categories: Marketing

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