17th Feb 2016

Technology trends affecting the hotel industry

If you asked someone how they booked a hotel before the internet, they would probably tell you they had to go to a travel agent to speak to someone or call a hotel personally and it definitely wouldn’t take a matter of minutes to do so. Now however, everything is very different, there are so many websites and new apps that can make booking a hotel a walk in the park. 


Now it’s as easy as looking online to find a hotel. Not only do most hotels have their own personal website for people to book a room, there are now plenty of hotel comparison websites available for people to compare hotels before they book.  It’s completely possible to look at thousands of hotels in the space of a few hours and book one in a matter of minutes. Gone are the days of it taking days to arrange a holiday or stay in a hotel, now it’s a simple as a couple of clicks.  

Websites feature many options that make finding a good hotel much easier, you can narrow down search results on websites to find the perfect hotel for you, something unheard of when choosing a hotel from a brochure or guidebook. 

The introduction of apps has changed the hotel and hotel comparison industry even more. These apps offer people a chance to check hotels on their mobiles and tablets and can often be quicker than going online to do so. Not only this but hotels can also send offers and deals to customers or potential customers to their mobile apps which can be done online rather than sending our vouchers on paper, which can be expensive. 

Through websites such as Tripadvisor and Expedia, it’s now incredibly easy to check hotel reviews. A few years ago you may only have been able to access one or two reviews for a hotel inside a guidebook or a newspaper. With the introduction of the internet it means that everyone has access to thousands of hotel reviews, which can be very useful when choosing to book a hotel.

It isn’t only through review websites that people have access to hotel reviews however, through the power of social media, it is very easy to read reviews. Whether someone has posted on a hotels Facebook page or wrote a status update about their experience, these can be read by many people and can hugely influence where people may choose to stay.

People are always going to want hotels which is why it’s so important that even a traditional industry such as the hotel industry must keep up with technology, not doing so could be hugely detrimental and definitely costly. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 17th February, 2016
Categories: Programming

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