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How Businesses Can Succeed In The New World

With the way COVID-19 has changed how people shop, there are no signs that our shopping habits will not be forever changed. This is especially so for eCommerce, as these new behaviours will impact global retail and no one knows for sure how much the high street will be affected in a few months time. We are moving into a new world.

Amid the pandemic, retail businesses really found it difficult and the government forced some companies to stop trading. DIY shops then began selling gardening tools and equipment and small businesses introduced next day delivery or click and collect services. Businesses had to get creative to secure the future of their business and keep their customers. Shoppers have changed the way they buy completely, prioritising what they buy, what they stock up on and what products they de-prioritise.

Even customers who were loyal to a particular brand have now switched or tried new brands because their regular or favourite was not available. Companies need to differentiate themselves from their competitors and look at the experience they deliver to their customers.

In this challenging time people are looking to retailers for help and support in getting what they need, and if this help is not offered, your customers will look elsewhere.

Some ways your business can succeed in the new world are;

Keep Informed

Look at what is in demand right now to understand the needs of your customers. Is it advice and support they want most? Is it certain delivery options? If you don’t meet the demands, your customers will look to your competitors who might.

Be Current and Transparent

Your customers trust that your company will deliver when looking for the right information so make sure to communicate with your customers with product availability updates.

Adjust Quickly

Make sure all products, and all the information relating to them, are up to date on your website. It is also important to make sure any information going out across social media platforms and channels is all up to date.

Be Fair

Don’t take advantage of your customers’ need for products during this time and raise prices, this will have a negative effect and people will go elsewhere. Promoting products or putting on offers will increase website traffic and engagement on social media.

Talk About Quality

Quality is still an important factor for customers so they will have greater confidence in your brand if your products are high quality. You can emphasise this in your website product descriptions or paid promotions.

Leverage Technology

Brands that offer online interactions through their website or social media, allowing fast direct-to-consumer conversation, will earn customer loyalty. You can do this by setting up an online chat tool on your website or automated questions on Facebook.

Need more advice or help with your website or marketing during this time? We can help.

Article By
Aimee Neachell,
Published: 15th June, 2020

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