16th May 2016

How technology has revolutionised the wedding industry

Planning a wedding is a big deal, from the dress to the photographer to the flowers, there’s a lot to plan and over the years, the way in which a couple plan their wedding has well and truly evolved.

Long gone are the days of planning a wedding through wedding magazines or over the phone, now the happy couple have unlimited access to the ideas and resources needed to make planning a wedding easier than ever.


When it comes to finding ideas and inspiration for the big day, typically this inspiration would come from bridal magazines and even other peoples weddings, today it’s a different story. Whilst wedding magazines are still a popular source of inspiration, it’s the likes of Pinterest and websites such as Weddingbee where millennial brides (and increasingly grooms) are heading to find inspiration for their day.

Some may say Pinterest was made for 3 things, home decor inspiration, DIY inspiration and wedding inspiration and it’s easy to understand why. With the opportunity to create separate boards for every aspect of wedding planning, it allows people a way to clearly plan and get inspiration in an organised fashion and as of July 2015 Pinterest had around 40 million boards dedicated solely to wedding inspiration!


Years ago it wouldn’t be uncommon to spend hours driving around location after location in order to visit potential venues. Imagine spending hours driving to a venue to discover upon arrival it just wasn’t right. Today however there are many options for couples to discover a potential venue online before they even leave the house.

There a multiple websites out there which provide images, information, reviews, virual tours and even detailed price lists to couples in order to help them narrow down their search.


Finding the right photographer is important, people want to have the perfect pictures of their big day and with the continually increasing popularity of portfolio websites for photographers, finding the perfect one couldn’t be easier.

With high resolution and responsive website design, online portfolios give couples a chance to see previous photographers work on screen in front of them before they even get in touch. Meaning theirs no time wasting getting in contact with photographers who they may not want to hire.

Wedding Websites

Although wedding websites aren’t exactly a new thing, in recent years have become a huge trend. In the past where couples might have created a wedding book or made a simple blog on Blogger or WordPress, people are now having creative, mobile optimised websites made, just about their weddings.

These websites are a great way for couples to have an attractive digital recording of their wedding day, including things such as the wedding photos, videos and comments from guests. Not only do people want a keepsake, but also many couples want to show off their wedding and a wedding website gives them a perfect way to do so.

From the planning, to the actual day to even beyond the wedding day itself, technology is changing the wedding experience for everyone, brides, grooms and guests alike. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 16th May, 2016
Categories: Programming

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