15th Feb 2016

How apps have changed our shopping experience

There was a time when to buy an item we’d have to travel to a shop to do so, however with the development of technology, gone are the days of walking though aisle after aisle searching for the item of choice.

The majority of purchases are made through the internet but that’s not the only way technology is affecting how we buy, there are now more shopping related apps available than ever before and every single one is influencing how we all shop.

Many stores now offer apps for mobiles and tablets as well as their websites. Through an app, companies can send notifications straight to their customers through their mobile phone. Even when they aren’t shopping, a customer can receive news of a sale or a special offer. An app also serves as a constant reminder of the stores presence as it shows constantly on a customers phone and can be a great way of having customers return to. 

Some of the most popular apps currently, are voucher and coupon applications such as Wowcher, Groupon and HotUK Deals. These apps offer customers a chance to purchase vouchers and coupon codes for things such as beauty treatments, holidays, restaurants, clothing and days out. Most people want a good deal so apps that offers a chance to do so are increasingly popular.

With the appearance of price comparison apps comes another change in how people are buying. Now there are applications that will provide information of prices, reviews, descriptions and even videos where you can view products all together and compare them in one place. With the addition of barcode scanners to many of these apps it’s now even easier to compare items whilst shopping as you can go into a store, scan an item with your phone and find alternatives or better prices elsewhere through the application.

Nowadays there’s an app for everything, it’s quicker and easier than ever before to use apps and as applications develop even more it can only get easier, this looks to be a trend that isn’t going away any time soon and can be a great opportunity for any retail or ecommerce store.



Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 15th February, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce Programming

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