27th Jan 2017

Ecommerce in 2017: Why Click & Collect Is The Way Forward

If you’ve been involved in any aspect of ecommerce in 2016 it’s likely you’ll have heard of the term click and collect, from retailers to consumer, click and collect has been increasingly used as an easier and more convenient delivery method, allowing customers to have their items delivered to a local collection point and picked up from there. 

With so many huge brands such as Amazon and Argos opting to include click and collect in their delivery methods, it’s only a matter of time before click and collect becomes a necessity for all ecommerce stores.  

The Benefits Of Click & Collect 

Click and collect has a number of benefits over traditional delivery methods like home delivery, including:  

It’s Fast 

When it comes to click and collect in most circumstances the delivery is often ready for collection the next day or within a day or so since your order is first placed. This quick delivery means that customers aren’t left disappointed with a long wait time for their products and services.  

It’s Convenient

Nobody wants to have to put their entire day on hold in order to wait in the house for their delivery to arrive. With click and collect consumers have the flexibility of being able to schedule when they pick up their delivery, letting them arrange it around a time that fits their lifestyle.  

Increases In Store Spending 

If customers are having to come into your store in order to pick up an item it can lead to an increase in the chances of them spending more in store. By having a look around your store whilst they’re picking up their item, there’s more opportunity for spontaneous purchases.  

It’s Reliable

Every now and then couriers can cause problems, from late deliveries to lost packages, we’ve all experience what can happen when couriers fail to deliver. Despite this often being a rare occurrence, having products delivered to a collection point can resolve these problems. 

What’s Next For Click & Collect? 

Click and collect is likely to increase in popularity even more in 2017, with retailers of all sizes, looking to make the most of the click and collect delivery method. With huge shifts likely to appear beyond the means of ‘normal’ collection points like shops, through to places likes stations, service stations and even schools and community centres. 

As consumers begin to expect more from ecommerce stores in terms of a more convenient and reliable delivery experience, it’s likely more retailers will look to offer click and collect to fulfil customer needs, helping increase sales and building customer relationship, loyalty and happiness. 

With click and collect usage set to double in the coming years this growth needs to stem from somewhere, is 2017 the year your business starts taking advantage of click and collect services?

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 27th January, 2017
Categories: Ecommerce

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