13th Jun 2018

Combatting Content: Are You Overthinking Your Content Strategy?

If recent experience has taught us anything it’s that there are plenty of marketers and content writers out there fixated on creating the perfect content, not settling for anything less that than. The truth of the matter, however, is that content doesn’t have to be game-changing or revolutionary and it’s never going to be perfect and that’s ok!

It can be easy to feel like the pressure is on when it comes to creating content, be it blog content, SEO content or even your social media content, but it’s time to stop overthinking your content and take the pressure off. 

Stop Comparing Your Content To Others

Comparing your businesses content with the content of others can be dangerous and lead to a more negative way of thinking. While we all look to other brands for inspiration or to find out what they’re up to, it’s worth remembering that many companies offering great content don’t have the same audience as you, they might not even offer the same products or services your business does, so you shouldn’t compare. Instead you can monitor other brands and see what is working well, in order to develop your own unique content that works for your brand. 

Keep Your Content Authentic 

Spending too much time trying to make your content perfect, or trying too hard to create content that’s similar to other brands stops you from being authentic, instead of meaning your content become predictable or boring. Audiences want to engage with authentic brands that show off their personality, not faceless organisations! By creating authentic content that conveys an authentic tone, you’re likely to build trust and develop strong relationships with your audience.

Stop Worrying About Judgment

On a personal level, when I first began writing commercial content the one thing that concerned me the most was producing content that would be judged by others. It would take a long time to create ideas and articles as I was so fixated on worrying about making mistakes, writing dull content or simply creating content that nobody wanted to read. While you should worry about what people want to read, don’t think too much about your skills, this can be improved over time, just get out there and start posting! 

The biggest problem out there when it comes to creating great content is that it’s often overthought, the reality is you need engaging, valuable quality content! It’s that simple, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you write about topics you think your audience want or need to know about. 

When it comes to content creation, there is no perfect sometimes content just doesn’t work as well as you’d expect, by carrying out research and understanding your audience you can create content your audience will love, without the added pressure. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 13th June, 2018
Categories: Marketing

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