11th Jun 2018

The Power Of PPC: How We’re Increasing Conversions & Driving Traffic

Over the last few years, we’ve been focusing on the development and growth of our Pay Per Click services, carrying out the essential research and continually expanding our knowledge when it comes to carrying out PPC work for our clients.

Throughout this time we’ve experimented with many new ideas in order to develop a service that not only drives more traffic and encourages clicks, but on a service that ultimately converts customers, helping increase your profit and return on investment! 

Here’s a rundown of how we’ve optimised our PPC services in order to continue to offer the best results for our clients. 

Click Fraud Prevention

Click fraud is one of the biggest concerns for both business owners and marketers when it comes to creating successful AdWords or PPC campaigns. With competitors clicking on your ads in hopes of wasting your budget, it can prevent your ads from running completely! We focus on stopping this by monitoring your clicks and where they come from so that we can get back to reaching out to your real customers. 

Building Targeted Campaigns 

Using our knowledge and understanding of both your business and your product, using relevant keywords and ad text, we build targeted campaigns that are relevant to your products or services. By building campaigns that are targeted to people searching for your services, company or products this ensures that money is well spent, reducing the likelihood of wasting your budget and helping drive sales. 

Identifying Intent

Not only are we focusing on how we build campaigns, we’re also focusing even more on our clients, taking into account exactly what they want and need from PPC services. We focus on identifying intent from the get-go, understand more about what your business does and what your products have to offer, by gaining this understand we can figure out what your customers or potential customers expect from you, allowing us to build a campaign suited for these needs. 

Compelling Ad Copy 

A successful ad campaign consists of not only being targeted and relevant, it also needs to have compelling copy! We create ads that effectively use text that is not only informative but that is also engaging, drawing attention to your ads in order to stand out from the competition. 

While the above is just a quick look at how we’re optimising our services to achieve even better results, each day we’re continuing to develop our PPC services and we can’t wait to find out what else we can do for our customers!  

If you need a little extra help with promoting your niche business or with your niche marketing, contact our team today! 

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 11th June, 2018
Categories: Marketing

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