18th Apr 2019

An Insight Into My Journey So Far At Discovery Design As A PPC Account Manager

Hi, I’m Jack, the only Mackem here at Discovery Design.

Studying Media and TV Production for a year in sixth form it was always clear that I wanted to have a career in Digital Marketing. What I enjoyed the most was analysing and becoming creative when it came to making Ads. However, Sixth Form didn’t quench my thirst for Digital Marketing.

I began researching into other alternatives that I thought would help me grow and pick up skills in Digital Marketing which is when I came across Discovery Design. I was instantly hooked when I looked at the clients they had worked with and the work they put into projects sounded great, I knew this was too great of a chance to pass up.

What I’ve learned so far

I have been working at Discovery Design for 3 weeks now and already I’ve learned so much. As soon as I started at Discovery I dove straight into Google Ads and picked up Google Certifications. I have loved learning how Google works and discovering how to use the tools Google provides on its platform. It has been my goal to get the best understanding possible so it could benefit my future projects.

Once I had completed my certifications, I’ve also been involved in other fun marketing strategies too, such as creating an April Fools campaign. I enjoyed brainstorming and researching previous campaigns, as a team we all came up with an idea to promote a fake DNA tool which was a marketing tool which can use your DNA to help marketers like ourselves. We launched the campaign via Facebook which had great results helping with brand awareness for Discovery.

After doing this I wanted to improve on my writing skills so I participated in a Copywriting Course and I instantly learned so much about how to write and structure my copywriting so it is more effective and gets more results and I passed the course.

What’s next?

So what’s next? In the near future, I will be launching targeted video campaigns, using the strategies developed by Discovery. This is something I’m looking forward to as I will need to do my research into audiences and overall get greater knowledge about the service and product, benefiting me for future campaigns.

Creating compelling ads to further improve the portfolio of campaigns we manage is also something I’m looking forward to. Always thinking and always creating new content is something which I enjoy as its refreshing but it also means you are constantly learning.

Emerging markets is something which I’ll always be trying to identify, to help our customers by finding new relevant audiences to help their campaign grow. Furthermore, constant research means constant learning helping to increase overall knowledge.

Discovery Design has so much planned for the future which I am excited to be involved with, especially with campaigns and projects. I’m really looking forward to expanding my knowledge and my future career with Discovery Design.

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Jack Stanness, Content Creator
Published: 18th April, 2019
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