20th Feb 2018

UX Design In 2018: Everything We Can Expect

In this current landscape, there’s no denying the importance of great user experience. However, no matter how consistent or beautiful a design, technology is constantly changing and design is evolving, meaning that it’s necessary we come up with new solutions in order to continue to offer unique experiences.  

Things move quickly in the design universe, in order to get ahead where others may not, designers need to be prepared for whatever new challenges and trends are around the corner. 

The field is maturing, budgets are continuing to increase and people are beginning to take user experience more seriously, meaning the design landscape is evolving, in a more complex manner, quicker than ever. With these pivotal changes likely to change rapidly, it’s good to have an idea of the most impactful trends we can expect for the next few months and possibly beyond. 

User Journey Simplified 

The way users interact with apps and websites is significant, for many there’s a particular goal or action in mind, meaning the less effort people spend on achieving their goals, the better the experience overall. In order to provide a more simplified journey for users, designers need to offer a linear design experience, that offers a beginning, a middle and an ending, one that lets users complete their goals or finish an action with as few steps as possible. 

Huge Focus On Content 

The recent minimalism trend allows designers to focus on removing distractions from a website or app, giving UX the chance to concentrate on what’s really important, in this case: content. By removing visual clutter and improving the way content is laid out, means designers can priorities relevant information by putting content first with clear visual language. With a clear layout and well-curated content becoming more and more popular within UX design, content-focused experiences are a sure part of the future UX landscape. 

Smarter Personalisation

While personalisation has been a hot topic for a number of years, it still deserves it’s own feature on this list. In 2018 we’re moving on from the typical one-size-fits-all experience and more towards more personalised, individually tailored user experiences. With the power of AI and machine learning, we’re now able to find out more about how users behave, interact and generally find out more information on a deeper level, thus allowing us to cater the site or services to their own unique needs. 

As with any trends, they often come and go, where others often stay the course, becoming fundamental elements to both design and experience. While we can’t fully predict exactly what’s going to happen in the next year, from looking at previous trends, we can gain an understanding of what we’re likely to see in the future. 

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Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 20th February, 2018
Categories: Web Design

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