21st Jun 2016

How email marketing can help promote your deal of the day!

A deal of the day is a ecommerce strategy in which a business offers a promotion on a single product or service for a limited time only, usually between 24 to 36 hours. It’s not just businesses which has jumped on the idea of a deal of the day, with the increase in websites such as Groupon and Wowcher, there are more and more opportunities for promotions and deals. 

These daily deals can not only be a great way to generate conversions but can also be a way in  which you can market your business.

Why do people want daily deals?

Customers want daily deals for the same reason anyone wants any type of deal, to save money. We all want something for less and your customers are no exception. Signing up for daily deals means that they have the option to get something they might really want for cheaper and the fact there is a different offer everyday means that people are more likely to eventually find something they’ve been looking at for full price.

Daily deals also encourage customers to purchase new things. Offering products or services for a cheaper price can be all it takes to encourage something to try something, whilst a customer might not want to buy something at full price if they aren’t guaranteed to like it, they’re more likely to experiment with something if it’s cheaper.

How can I market daily deals?

Email marketing is the most commonly used way to market any daily deals you might have on offer and whilst email marketing is generally encouraged in the marketing of your business, for daily deals, emails are even more important.

Sending your customers emails to inform them of a new deal each day, not only has the obvious benefit of showing them new items they can buy, encouraging sales, but also creates brand awareness. 

Emailing your customers shows that your business is still active and you’re still busy creating promotions and deals for customers. Your emails act as a reminder to your customers that you’re still there, awaiting more custom.

Your customers want offers and proving a different deal each day is a great way to show off these offers. Not only does it lead to more sales, but can be a key way in which you can create a customer relationship. Offering deals each day can encourage customers to keep coming back to your website, often tempting them to purchase products they might not have thought about.

It’s important you utilise email marketing in order to optimise your daily deals and your business in general, without email marketing you’d have limited ways to target specific customers everyday, losing customers and more importantly losing sales.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 21st June, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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