23rd Jun 2017

Using Reddit For Effective Market Research: What You Should Know

With millions of visitors per month and thousands of people actively participating in various communities every day, Reddit has quickly become one of the most popular online platforms, allowing people from around the world to share their content. 

While Reddit it known for being anti-marketing, with self promotion being frowned upon to the point it can get your account blocked, it can act as a great tool for carrying out market research, as well as being an effective tool for keeping to date with current news, events and trends. 

For those who’ve never used it Reddit can seem a confusing platform, however it’s quite simple. Reddit gives users the opportunity to subscribe to a huge variety of communities such as science, news and humour, which are known as subreddits, where you can find endless amounts of viral content. 

These subreddits can be great places to find people who might be interested in your product, brand or industry, letting you monitor what this audience are talking about and what they are looking for from others, including brands. Let’s look in more detail at how you can utilise Reddit for your market research and just how simple it can be. 

Research Content Ideas 

One of the best ways to use Reddit for market research is to use it for researching content ideas for your social media or blog content. By viewing subreddits that are relevant to your industry or field you can find an audience that are talking about topics relevant to your business. From there you can use this information to write articles, create videos or even produce infographics that are guaranteed to interest your audience. 

If you’re looking to find content that works well it’s a good idea to filter content by “top” for the week or the month, which can give you a good indication of what is relevant at that current point in time.

It’s also a good idea to look through Reddit to find relevant unanswered questions, using them to build content that answers questions for your blog or youtube channel. If someone is using Reddit to ask a question then it’s likely they’ve also googled it, by creating content that answers this question and shows in search results you can give people the answers they want as well as directing people to your own content and website.  

Get Keywords

Reddit can also be used as an effective way to conduct SEO keyword research, letting you align the language and the text you include on your website with the language and keywords that your target audience are using online, which is a key part of search engine optimisation. 

By watching and monitoring how your audience interact online and how they speak with one another you can work out how they are, or are likely to be, talking about your own products, industry or brand. While it might take some time and will be a lengthy process to find the best keywords and language, once you find the right place you’re likely to find the golden keywords that you’d never have thought of elsewhere. 

Through identifying the right subreddit and figuring out how the posts could be relevant to both your business and your audience you can carry out the relevant research to give you the best content and the best possible chance to get ranked higher in Google search results. 

Reddit can be a hugely valuable marketing tool, providing you don’t use it to market yourself. Instead you should aim to use it to find out more relevant information about your audience and your keywords, engaging with them where you can, as long as you follow the rules of the community and don’t focus too much on yourself, you can quickly be generating more ideas for your marketing strategy.


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 23rd June, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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