17th Dec 2018

2018 At Discovery Design – What We’ve Been Up To

2018 has been another great year for us at Discovery Design, with a number of exciting developments, opportunities and achievements throughout the year. Now as 2018 comes to a close we thought there was no better time to give you a little update on all the great things we’ve been up to this year. 

New Additions To The Team

Our team has continued to grow throughout 2018 with both Mark and Tom joining us at Discovery Design. As a Junior Developer Mark has been helping the team continue developing our dynamic cutting-edge solutions, allowing us to manage increasing demand and encourage our clients’ business growth, something we’re looking to continue into the future.

Our Front-End Developer Tom has a modern approach to front-end development, possessing the ability to go beyond typical website design and creating sites that stand out, the skills necessary for continuing our high-quality solutions way into 2019. 

Office Renovations 

With the team continuing to grow we needed to renovate our office space in order to create a much more open, collaborative environment for our team to work in. Originally split into two rooms, our office space often held us back when it came to working together as we didn’t have the best space for communicating and viewing each other’s work.

The office renovation has allowed us to create a space that reflects the ideas and vision of our brand. With our open plan layout, we now have a space that inspires collaboration, encourages conversation and ultimately allows us to focus on developing our solutions even more.   

Our 20th Birthday 

In May we reached an exciting milestone at Discovery Design as we reached our 20th birthday, meaning we’ve officially been proving web design and marketing solutions for 2 decades. As part of our 20th birthday celebrations, we offered a giveaway to our customers, offering them 1 month’s worth of free management, as well as hosting our own celebrations inside the office.

As we enter our 21st year we don’t intend on slowing down any time soon, in fact, we’re continuing to focus on how we can develop our solutions even more, creating dynamic, creative and productive solutions for our clients. 

Google Ads Growth

This year has seen us grow our Google Ads even more. Throughout 2018 we’ve continued to research and develop our Pay Per Click solutions, working closely with Google to continuously improve our Google Ads results and increasing conversions for all of our customers. By continuing our research and development it’s provided us with the opportunity to explore new options, opening new doors for both us and our customers.

Through the growth of our Google Ads solutions, we’ve had the opportunity to reach new customers, all of which have their own unique services, products and USPs, giving us a chance to explore other industries and expand our knowledge. 

Increase In Service Outside The UK

Following on from last years trip to Dublin we’ve seen an increase in the services we’re providing outside of the UK, particularly in the Netherlands. In mid-2018 we began working alongside EMS 24/7, an air ambulance service who offer repatriation services to those who have been taken ill or injured abroad. They came to us looking to optimise their Google Ads campaign in order to reach a much larger audience, which we knew we could help with.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with EMS 24/7 to develop a new strategy that targets the best keywords for their service and working hard to create the best ad copy in order to generate results, something that we’ve achieved and are now working to optimise even more. 

Work We’ve Done This Year 

Throughout the year we’ve continued to provide a high standard quality of work to our existing customers, carrying out optimisation on many projects, from website development, marketing campaigns and software development, as well as carrying out a range of bespoke services when needed.

We’re also happy to say we’ve started working on a number of exciting new projects in 2018, including overseas PPC work with EMS 24/7, web design work with Area Maintenance and even brand creation with Haripur Wala, all of which we’re incredibly proud of! 

What’s Next? 

We’ve come a long way in 2018, however, the work doesn’t stop there! We’re still continuing to grow and have a number of huge projects lined up for the next year, including a number of exciting PPC campaigns. With next year looking just a promising as this year has been, we can’t wait to show you what we have in store. 

So ends another year, we’d like to take this as an opportunity to thank you for your continued support throughout the year, we wish you all the best during the festive season and we’ll see you again in the new year. 

The office will be closed from 2pm on Friday the 21st of December until 9am on Wednesday 2nd of January 2019. If you require urgent assistance please contact us at support@discoverydesign.co.uk

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 17th December, 2018
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