20th Dec 2017

2017 At Discovery Design – A Year In Review

2017 has been a year of growth at Discovery Design and we’re excited about some of the great things we’ve achieved throughout the year, both within the company and for our customers. With the year slowly coming to a close, we thought what better time to give you an update of how things have developed.

New Website 

In early 2017 we launched our new site, deciding to take things in a new direction with the addition of our own unique custom graphics. These graphics allowed us to establish our site as completely bespoke, showing off the fact we’re different to our competition. This new site also allowed us to add new pages to coincide with the new services we were starting to offer, including Conversion Rate Optimisation and Branding. 

A Venture Into Branding 

Making the move into branding was another large focus of the year and has allowed us to move even closer to offering the full package to our customers. This latest venture has provided us with a number of great opportunities and allowed us to work alongside a number of brilliant businesses, letting us help them take their brand to a new level through the brand creation and logo design.

We’ve also helped many businesses this year in making updates and improvements to an already existing brand, allowing these businesses to grow and develop, something we’re looking forward to carrying on into the new year. 

Office Move

After spending a number of years based in our previous office at The Rivergreen Centre, we finally made the move to our office in Salvus House. Our new office has allowed us to not only provide a better experience for our customers but also allows us to approach our work in an entirely new way. 

PPC Research & Development

This year has seen us continue to research and develop our Pay Per Click work, allowing us to keep on improving how we work and the results we get from the work we do. This development has provided us with the chance to explore new options such as remarketing campaigns and display image ads, which are opening new doors for our clients. 

From Durham To Dublin

Towards the end of the year, we were kindly invited to Dublin to help Irish businesses grow with Google Adwords. We spoke to a number of businesses looking to take the next step, educating them about the benefits of a well-managed AdWords campaign and helping many understand that Adwords is something available for all businesses, not just large companies! 

Infrastructure Enhancements 

Throughout the year we’ve also been making changes to our infrastructure in order to allow us to help businesses rapidly recover if they’re ever faced with an issue, preventing them from losing out during any problems or downtime. We’ve also increased our overall resource to allow us to provide an even quicker response when dealing with our ever increasing online traffic. 

Not only have we been improving the speed in which we work, we’ve recently introduced a new firewall system which not only helps us protect our customers from cyber threats, but also allows us to stay ahead of the game when it comes to GDPR changes. 

Work We’ve Done This Year 

In terms of work we’ve continued to provide for our existing customers, carrying out optimisation for many in terms of their website development, marketing campaigns, as well as carrying out more bespoke services when necessary. 

We’ve also started working on a number of exciting new projects this year, including new branding work for Heart and Sole Wellbeing, which included logo development, for the business, as well as the overall redesign of the website in order to create a design that reflected their message, something we’re proud to have achieved. 

Another exciting project we worked on was the development of the Toast Lettings website, a project that involved working closely with the team to redevelop their original website to help provide an optimised customer experience! 

What’s Next

Despite the development throughout 2017, we’re still continuing to grow, with a number of exciting projects currently lined up for the upcoming year, including Pay Per Click and branding projects.

With next year looking as promising as this year has been, we’re looking forward to bringing our customers an even higher level of service. 

And so ends another year, we’d like to say thanks to your continued support throughout 2017, we wish you all the best during the festive season and we’ll see you in the new year! 

The office will be closed from 2pm on Friday 22nd of December until 9am on Tuesday 2nd of January 2018. If you require urgent assistance please contact us at: support@discoverydesign.co.uk

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 20th December, 2017
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