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Sports World Magazine

ClientSports World Magazine

Project Overview
SWM came to Discovery Design in need of a luxury website to showcase their high-end luxury business.

SWM provides a large list of services to athletes and celebrity personalities around the world and needed a website to showcase the services they offer and source, as well as attracting new partner brands to work with.

The team at Discovery worked to create a sleek, elegant and modern website to showcase SWM and their services. Our team was able to put the UX into Luxury by creating a simple-to-use design and user flow whilst maintaining a high-end feel throughout the website.



In DepthMedia Content

Each of the SWM cover stars will have an in-depth interview within their magazine and part of the interview is then featured on the website within individual posts for each cover star. These media sections contain a number of images from the photo shoot, part of the interview content and some Q&A’s.

Partner & ClientReviews

Throughout the website there are reviews listed from both SWM’s partners and clients. This includes reviews from partners outlining working with SWM and how they have helped promote/sell their products and services. The client reviews from athletes and celebrity figures outline how SWM have helped them in situations such as moving to a new city and getting everything they need for their next venture.

World WideEndorsements

It was important that the SWM website had a page dedicated to their long list of world wide endorsements from athletes and celebrity figures such as Leo Messi, Connor McGreggor and Lewis Hamilton to name a few.

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