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Pink Leisurewear

Pink Leisurewear

ClientPink Leisurewear

Project Overview
We have worked with Pink Leisurewear since the inception of the company and continually keeping them ahead of their competition. We designed and launched a new Ecommerce website for Pink Leisurewear in Summer 2021. Our work with them goes beyond the web design, as we have helped build the Pink brand over many years through various forms of marketing.



DynamicImage Gallery

We designed a dynamic image gallery for the product pages where the users can see 3 images at all times when viewing the product and can swipe through the images to see different angles of the product. We suggested all images should be taken on the same muted background to keep consistency throughout the site and to showcase the vibrant designs of the Pink Leisurewear products.


We included product variables in a simple but aesthetically pleasing way so that the user could easily see which product sizes are available and can be selected and sizes that are out of stock are greyed out and un-selectable.

Product Categories

As our client has an extensive range of products for all genders, we worked with Pink to create specific product categories. This keeps the product range organised and easy for the user to search for a specific item, whilst also having the option to view all products.

We put a lot of focus on high quality, real life imagery when designing the website so that the user could visualise the products better to aid the customer journey throughout the site. The use of imagery also incorporates lots of colour into the minimalistic design.


We designed attractive category pages which show the products seamlessly side by side. The design showcases a lot of products at the same time and they stand out on the consistent background image. We designed a modern feel and the product is highlighted on hover when the user selects a particular product. When shopping all products, the user still has the ability to easily filter the products to find the product they want.

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