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Ruen Thai Spa

Ruen Thai Spa

ClientRuen Thai Spa

Project Overview
Ruen Thai Massage came to us in need of a new, modern solution to replace their existing outdated website. The client wanted the new site to be easy to use and navigate across all devices, so a simplistic and easy to navigate design and user flow was created and developed.

The website is constantly pushing the user towards the end goal of booking an appointment, feeding them with information such as, what is included in each treatment and prices, along the way. There are booking call to action buttons across the site to make it as easy as possible for the user to book, regardless of what page they are on.



BookingMade Easy

Throughout the website there are multiple call to action buttons that take the user to a dedicated booking form page where they can select the treatment and the duration they require.

There is also the option to book treatments on the dedicated treatment pages where the treatment is automatically entered based on the treatment page the user is on. This saves the user an additional click and journey to the booking page making the process faster and more enjoyable.

Easy to View PricesAcross all Devices

The prices page was designed to be very simplistic so that users can navigate through it on any device, with ease. This allows clients to check the prices on their phone, an in use example of where this can be useful is if they are on the way to get a treatment and want to double check the price of their appointment in case they need to withdraw cash or ensure they have the amount in their bank.

Ruen Thai Massage & SpaTestimonial

Our experience with Discovery Design confirms the many other favorable reviews the company has received. They're well-organised, with a clear process, but they're also responsive and genuinely helpful. By helping us, they have created more time for us to help our customers. So we would certainly encourage other small businesses like ours to take the plunge.

Martin Harrop - Ruen Thai Massage & Spa

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