20th May 2016

Why click and collect is the future of delivery!

Click and collect is on the rise, with retailers such as Argos, Asda, Boots and John Lewis offering click and collect delivery to it’s customers, is this the way forward for online sales? 

The retail industry is constantly evolving and with new updates in technology released almost every day is leading to a redefinition of the entire industry. Now that even smartphones and tablets provide infinite access to retailers from the comfort of the sofa, online shopping has become the easiest and most convenient way to shop.

However I’m sure we’ve all been there, waited around all day for a delivery only for it to not arrive, or even worse, arrive in the split second we’re unavailable, leading to the unavoidable ‘we tried to deliver your item’ note falling flatly through the letterbox. Yep, delivery can be a problem and because of this many consumers are opting for click and collect options in order to get their order when they want it.

In a bid to combat this problem, retailers began to introduce click and collect into the high street, even seeing Amazon introducing their lockers into high street locations in order for people to pick up their purchases. Big names such as Debenhams, Currys and Tesco are now promoting their click and collect channels and have demonstrated perfectly the real potential of click and collect.

Why is click and collect so necessary?

Shoppers want click and collect to avoid missing their delivery, avoid extra costs for rearranging delivery and even to be given the possibility of picking an item up the same day. For retailers on the other hand it gives them the chance to expand their online ranges, as well as giving customers the freedom they demand, increasing customer loyalty and can be a way for retailers to maximise on impulse purchases from customers coming to pick up their delivery.

As the retail landscape continues to change, it’s no longer established companies who are the only ones capable of offering click and collect delivery. With the barrier between small businesses and click and collect being lowered by the day, it’s only a matter of time before click and collect delivery options are the norm with all retailers, small or otherwise.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 20th May, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce

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