24th Oct 2016

Virtual Reality: Time For An Ecommerce Revolution?

So far virtual reality has only really been a big thing in the gaming world, with even the likes of Sony taking the leap into the virtual reality world with the announcement of Playstation VR. However as VR continues to evolve both technically and in popularity it’s very likely that even retailers will start to embrace a more immersive form of selling.

Whilst you might associate virtual reality with exploring foreign lands and creating experiences outside of our day to day, there’s no reason VR can’t be used by stores and online retailers around the world. From virtual and augmented in store journeys that allow customers to view products up close and from various angles through to simulation test drives of cars that give you an immersive experience of how a car may look or feel, with virtual reality the possibilities are endless. 

As it currently stands there are still a number of obstacles in the way which are stopping VR from becoming an everyday reality. Not only is it incredibly costly but it’s still pretty early days in term of the development of VR technology and there’s still a long way to go until it can be used universally. 

There are a number of businesses who have already started making VR a fixture within their brand including high street names like GAME, River Island and even Marks & Spencer. All creating engaging and  unique virtual reality experiences that allowed customers to view their products and get involved an entirely new way. 

Whilst VR might seem years away at the current time, there’s no reason you shouldn’t begin thinking about ways you can incorporate VR or AR into your business. Through in store VR headsets through to the inclusion of VR applications that allow customers to view your products in virtual reality form from the comfort of their own homes, as technology advances there’s plenty of options to take your business to the next level. 

With 2016 slowly coming to a close, it’s about time businesses began not only thinking about their own future, but also the future of other businesses, technologies and ultimately the future of consumers. There’s no doubt that VR will soon be embraced by marketing teams and retailers universally, allowing early adopters the chance to pioneer VR for retail as well as showing a readiness to embrace the future and the change that comes alongside it. 

In a world that is constantly more technology driven, there’s always new opportunities for your business to evolve and as we quickly move into the next year, now’s the time to begin embracing these opportunities.


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 24th October, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce

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