8th Aug 2016

The ultimate ecommerce checklist for improving sales!

When you start an ecommerce website there are plenty of things to consider, test, check and double check. Just because your ecommerce website is up and running doesn’t mean it’s completely optimised for your customers, if you’re missing the necessary elements then you may be losing out on sales. 

If you want your customers to have both an enjoyable and functional experience then a fully optimised website is essential, which is why we’ve compiled a list of all the key elements you need to feature in your ecommerce store to build a high performing, easily functioning web store.  

Mobile Friendly Design 

With so many people buying on mobiles and tablets these days it’s more important than ever for your ecommerce website to be suitable for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. With a responsive website design you’re likely to discourage certain audiences from visiting your website. Think about it, if your website won’t work on a mobile customers are unlikely to move to a desktop device to view your website when they can simply  go to a website which will work on their device. Don’t lose out to your competition, be sure to make your ecommerce store mobile friendly.  

Prominent Search Feature 

Often overlooked, featuring a search feature on your website means that customers can find what they want, when they want, meaning they don’t have to trail through numerous sections of your website to find a product. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours looking for a specific item and it’s not uncommon to give up before the product is found. Let your customers get the most out of your website and be sure to include a search option on your website.  

Fast Loading Times

Your customers don’t want to be left waiting for your website to load, if it doesn’t load in around 3 seconds many users will abandon a page. The extra seconds it takes to load your website, could be the seconds it takes for your visitors to go elsewhere. A slow, clunky website not only drives customers away but also decreases sales, if you’re wanting your customers to stick around then make sure your website is quick and simple with no excess loading times.  

Obvious Call To Actions 

Make it easy for your customers to buy with easy to find CTA buttons. Using stand out colours and snappy phrases, call to actions encourage customers to buy your products, visit certain sections of your website and even check out your offers. If you’re looking to drive sales then there’s no reason you shouldn’t feature CTAs on your website, don’t make your customers hunt around, show them where your products are and increase your conversions. 

Product Photos

Consumers want to know what they’re buying which is why it’s essential you feature clear, accurate images of your products on your website. Your customers want to be able to see what you items look like in detail, by offering product images with a zoom feature and multiple product views you can provide a in depth look at your products so your customers know exactly what they can expect from your items before they buy.  

No Hidden Fees 

Don’t surprise your customers with unexpected fees at the checkout. Unexpected costs are one of the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment and can be the biggest way you can lose sales. Make your fees obvious, if there are shipping costs show this at the start of your checkout process and on your product pages, let your customers know exactly what they need to pay, ultimately increasing your sales. 


Customer reviews are one of the strongest pieces of social proof your business has. By including customer reviews and ratings you’re showing potential customers what others think of your products in a realistic and relatable way, if potential customers see the products in use by others and hear that they’re good, they will be able to relate and could be encouraged to buy your product, building trust and increasing your sales. 

Simple Checkout Process 

These days a simple checkout process is a necessity, if your checkout process isn’t quick and simple then it’s likely your customers are going to go somewhere else. Chances are if there are too many fields to fill in and too many questions to answer your customers will get bored and give up on their purchase, wasting their time and leaving you with a loss. It’s a great idea to keep your checkout process short, only asking for key details and showing your customers how long they have left of the checkout process. Keep it simple and boost those sales! 

With this checklist you can get a great idea of how you can improve your ecommerce store in order to generate sales. Taking time to create a solid plan and organising your priorities means you can jump straight in, boosting sales, customer relationships and overall performance.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 8th August, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce

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