9th May 2016

Technology trends fashion retailers can’t afford to ignore

In the fashion world if you aren’t moving forward then you’re probably falling behind. The fashion industry is, and always has been, fast paced, clothes are designed to be outdated in a matter of weeks and you have to constantly have your eye on what might be about to happen next.

Fashion in the digital era moves even faster, not only for designers but also for retailers. With the introduction of apps, online stores, virtual fitting rooms and the idea of online shopping becoming an activity rather than a necessity it’s important that online retailers create a fluid and modern shopping experience in order to keep up.

With more people opting to shop on mobile and tablet devices it makes sense that more and more clothing stores would be offering apps. Whether it’s a place for customers to quickly and easily buy products or to encourage customer loyalty,  through offering promotions and coupon codes, apps are an important factor in the future of fashion ecommerce.

Along with apps, social media can be a beneficial and important part of fashion ecommerce. Twitter and Facebook can be great tools to use to speak with your customers quickly and in real time. In recent months Instagram has also become a big player in the world of marketing and is an ideal platform to show off your products, run giveaways and work alongside social media influencers. 

Although not necessarily popular at this current time, virtual fitting room technology is constantly evolving and is something that is likely to be taken on board by large fashion retailers in the coming years, allowing virtual fitting rooms to become a key part of consumers online shopping experiences.

Fashion may be constantly changing but technology is here to stay, it’s important that brands embrace innovation in order to keep on trend and ahead of the competition. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 9th May, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce

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