14th Feb 2017

Rules Of Engagement: Easy & Effective Customer Engagement Strategies To Boost Your Business

With the rise of social technology and mobile devices your customers have never been more powerful or more important. Through their ability to be constantly connected, as well as the fact consumers can now find out relevant information within a matter of seconds, it’s about time brands started to think about how they can engage with and connect with their customers in a unique way. 

Every customer journey is special and unique for that customer and in order to survive todays constantly evolving landscape it’s important your business provides a personalised, engaging and convenient experience. From mobile notifications to online customer support, brands now have a whole new way to engage with audiences, offering them the best experience all round. 

If you’re looking to shake up your customer engagement strategy, better communicate with your customers and keep them coming back for more, here’s how:  

Social Media As A Tool 

While social media is often seen as a platform for merely connecting with your friends and sharing photos of cats, for businesses, social media is so much more. If you’re looking to generate results from your social media then it’s important you start using your social media as the powerful tool it is. By doing your research, understanding your audience and working out a solid social media strategy you can use your social media platforms to increase your customer engagement in a thought out way.  

By using your social media as a tool to connect with customers, answer their questions, engage with influencers and even share your customers own content you can deliver valuable social media content that engages with your customers but one which also builds your business as a reputable brand.  

Deliver Value 

No matter your industry, brand or target audience, if you’re putting your customers first and making them your priority there’s no reason you can’t soon have a huge community surrounding your brand, including many loyal customers. By going the extra mile for your customers through answering customer questions and queries, sending them relevant offers and coupon codes, as well as sharing engaging content with them you can strengthen your customer relationship and deliver value to your customers. 

By being passionate about your customers and your customers welfare, paying attention to their needs and listening you can deliver an outstanding service that puts your customers at the forefront of your brand, showing you’re interested in putting them first, not just focusing on sales and numbers. 

Personalise The Customer Experience

Personalisation is a big deal and is likely to be something that brands will be utilising even more in the upcoming years, so it’s not something that should be ignored. If you’re looking for a way to both boost engagement with your customers, building the relationship and also increase sales, a personalised experience can be the perfect way to do so. From coupons and vouchers based on your customers previous purchases to online ads targeted to certain audiences, personalisation is important. 

By personalising the customer journey and even the entire customers experience, you’re likely to find your customers are willing to return to your business at a later point in time, which builds your customer relationship adding to your sense of community and establishing your brand. 

Customer engagement is an ongoing process, while no brand can truly master customer engagement fully, there’s plenty of ways you can get on the road to successful engagement. By taking these tips on board you can not only be inspiring your customers, but you’re likely to see a number of business benefits. 


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 14th February, 2017
Categories: Ecommerce

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