6th Jan 2017

Proven Ways Your Ecommerce Store Can Drive Sales

With more people shopping online every year, selling your products and services online can be an effective way for your business to increase product awareness, boost your traffic and ultimately boost your sales. It’s important to remember that simply setting up an online store isn’t necessarily enough to drive your sales, today we’re going to look at 4 important factors you need to consider and implement in order to generate more sales and create a successful business.   

Product Descriptions 

If you’re looking to sell products online then it’s important that your product descriptions are not only engaging but also detailed, honest and original. A text description contains some of the key information your customers will be looking for when trying to find out more about your products or services, if your descriptions are wrong, there’s a chance you could lose sales. This is why it’s so important that your descriptions are well written and contain all the relevant information, your customers need in a well written and engaging manner.  

Clear Images 

Alongside detailed product descriptions, you should also aim to feature clear images of your products on your ecommerce store. Your customers want to know exactly what they’re buying and want to be able to see clearly what they can expect from your products, so you should always be sure to include clear, high quality images, preferable which show your products from different angles and with the option to zoom in where necessary.  

Simple Checkout Process 

A complicated and confusing checkout process can be the biggest reason why your customers might look to leave your site, forget about your products and head to another company to find the perfect item for them. It’s important that your checkout process is simple and easy to use by all your customers, if you’re wanting to increase your sales. From including less form fields, the option for a guest checkout  and even a progress bar within your checkout you can create a better customer experience and boost your sales.  

Paid Ads 

Paid ads such as Google ads and Facebook ads can be another important way your business can boost sales. Paid ads allow online businesses to pay for every click they get on their advertisements, these ads can link to your products, your store departments or simply to your website, showing up for targeted audiences who might be searching for or are likely to be interested in your products. Showing up to relevant audiences gets your business out there and increases the chance that these audience will want to buy your products.

Whether you’re looking to boost your sales after the Christmas period or looking to simply increase your profits in order to grow your business even more, the above ways can be simple yet effective ways you can not only reach out and appeal to more audiences but can be great ways to generate sales. Ecommerce is getting more and more popular meaning there is even more competition out there but with a great plan and these tips in mind you could be ahead of your competitors in no time. 

If you’re looking for more help and advice with boosting your ecommerce sales, our specialist team can help you, why not give us a call today?

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 6th January, 2017
Categories: Ecommerce

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