28th Apr 2016

Inspiring and actionable ways you can humanise your brand

Sometimes you’ll come across a company where their content is so flat that you just don’t want to read it. In fact nobody wants to read content that seems like it’s been written by some kind of corporate robot. Don’t be that company that creates uninspiring, boring content, be the brand your customers can relate to, connect with and stick with for years to come.

Speak your customers language

There’s no simpler way to humanise your brand than to speak to your customers in a way they’ll understand. Your customers don’t want to hear all the technical jargon they just want to know the facts in a simple way that they’ll not only find informative but also engaging.

Engage in conversation

Don’t just speak to your customers, speak with them, create conversation through your social media and through your blogs in order to encourage interaction. If you find your customers mention  or tag you in a post on social media it’s a nice idea to respond to them and show your appreciation. 

Develop a voice

In effort to humanise your brand you should develop a voice for your brand. Every person has a way of speaking that makes them unique and it’s the same with your brand, your voice is what separates you from your competitors as well as adds personality to your brand which your customers will find way more relatable than some kind of boring robot voice. 

Have a sense of humour

Humour is an effective and easy way to connect with your customers, keep in mind that you need to keep your humour fun and informative in order to keep it relatable and definitely keep them family friendly, the jokes you make in the break room probably won’t cut it on your companies social media pages.

Be available

Be available for your customers, whether they’re having issues, need questions answering or simply want to give you some recognition then be there for them. Respond to your customers in a clear, friendly and professional way, nothing can be more human and personal than simply showing you care about your customers and solving their problems.

Humanising your brand has a number of benefits, including gaining credibility, getting your brand found and ultimately generating sales, why not try today? 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 28th April, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce

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