3rd Jan 2017

How Your Ecommerce Business Can Survive The January Sales Slump

While the Christmas period can be fun, exciting and busy for many businesses, with more visiting browsing your site, more sales opportunities and with more sales pouring in, unfortunately after a busy festive period you can often find your business slipping into a sales slump. 

Luckily it’s likely that your sales slump will pass and it’ll be a matter of time before your customers are flocking back to your online store to find what they need, however if you’re looking to be proactive there’s no reason you can’t break yourself out of your slump. With these top tips, you can not only encourage more sales, but also keep your business looking successful and show off that you and your products are available at all points of the year, even when others might be struggling.  

Don’t Forget Bundles 

Bundles are a great way to not only move more stock but also can be an effective way for your business to generate more profit. By bundling items and accessories together for a reasonable price you’re much more likely to see an increase in sales as your customer is already in the mind frame to buy one item and may need more accessories to add to the product. For example, if your customer has come to buy a guitar, by bundling items like strings, picks and leads, it’s more likely your customer will buy these too, as they’ll need them in order to use the guitar.  

Take Advantage of Email Marketing 

While you might be unlikely to encourage new customers to visit your store during a slow time of year like January, you can use email marketing to encourage existing customers to visit your website and discover your new offers or products. By sending out emails showing off your new years deals, new products or even simply including a code of voucher only valid for the month of January, you can drive more of your existing customers to your site and directly to your products or services.  

Follow Ups 

In addition to sending emails to your existing customers, why not send out follow up emails to your Christmas shoppers? By reaching out to customers who found you over the Christmas period you can gently remind them that your business still exists and that they are welcome to come and take advantages of any offers and deals you may have in the new year. You can also follow up your Christmas customers by asking them how they would rate your service, your product or even your shipping in order to also remind them of how great an experience they might have had with your business, encouraging them to return.  

Embrace Change 

New year is all about change and more people are ready to embrace changes within the new year, which is why it’s a great idea to market your business in a way that shows off how “fresh” you are and how you can help them embrace changes in their life. From products that can help with lifestyle changes, to home decorating there are a number of ways you can motivate customers and encourage them to your ecommerce store in order to benefit themselves and carry out new projects. 

A slow sales period doesn’t have to cause you panic, there’s a number of great marketing techniques your business can put in place in order to keep your business fresh and your sales coming. While it might not be easy, working hard and thinking outside the box can be all it takes to boost your sales until the busier spring and summer seasons.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 3rd January, 2017
Categories: Ecommerce

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