5th Jun 2017

How To Write The Perfect Product Descriptions To Generate Sales

Despite being easily overlooked, product descriptions can make or break a sale, with the right set of words potentially compelling even the most skeptical customers into making a purchase. 

One of the most common mistakes that many ecommerce owners and even copywriters make when it comes to writing descriptions is that they write to describe the product instead of writing to sell the items to their target audience, motivating them to place that item straight in their basket. 

But how exactly can you sell your product through your product descriptions? With these simple steps you can create unique, informative and appealing product descriptions that will have your customers clicking buy in no time.  

Utilise The Five W’s

A fundamental part of journalism and something more commonly taught to us in school, the five W’s are a key guide for those looking to write effective product descriptions by addressing the following:

– Who

Who is your product for? What is there age? What are their interests? Once you know this exact information, the better you can describe your product for this audience. With a product description that is suited for your audience, you can provide value to your audience and connect with them in a targeted way.

– What

What sets your products apart from others? What makes it unique and more appealing? By outlining what exactly makes your product stand out you can encourage your audience to find out more and ultimately purchase over the products that your competition have to offer.

– Where

Where will your product be used? Is it for outdoor or indoor use? Think about where your product is best suited and tell your audience this, keep it simple but don’t forget to include it, even the small details are needed.

– When

Is your product meant for a certain day, seasonally or for a specific occasion? You should aim to tell your audience when exactly your product is best used, helping increase it’s long term value. 

– Why

Why would someone want your product? How can it improve your lives significantly? What problem does it solve? If you can point out the uniqueness of your product, you can easily encourage people to make a purchase.

Explain The Benefits

While you should have already covered how your product can be used and how it can improve your customers lives within the five W’s, if you’re looking to give your audience a nudge you should be sure to clearly spell out what the benefits of your product are, including describing how it’s an essential purchase, clearly spelling out what exactly it is that your audience can gain from buying your product.

Define Your Tone Of Voice 

Your tone of voice is one of the most effective ways of differentiating your brand from the competition and can be a great way to engage with your audience. Instead of writing a boring product description, you should write something that matches the tone of your brand, one that is relatable and reflects the mentality of your brand.  

Appeal To Your Audiences Imagination 

If your customers hold a product then it increases their desire to purchase it, however with ecommerce this isn’t possible, which is why you need to write a product description that appeals to your audiences imagination, using words to imagine what it would be like to touch, feel and even own the product. By writing a creative, unique description you can appeal in a way your competition may not.  

Use Storytelling

Does your product have a narrative or a backstory that makes it special? If so by using this in your product description this can make your description even more appealing to your audience, adding character to your product and even to your business, engaging your potential customers and encouraging them to purchase your product. 

When you sit down to write your product description don’t just think about writing another plain boring description, instead think about your buyer, consider how you can benefit them, from monetary benefits or simply making life easier. By sharing your knowledge in a enthusiastic way your passion shows, encouraging your audience to also feel passionate about what you have to offer.



Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 5th June, 2017
Categories: Ecommerce

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