3rd Nov 2016

Essential UX Tip To Ensure A Positive Ecommerce Experience

With no queues, a huge range of items and the ability to shop at any time in the day or night, when it comes to shopping online your customers want a convenience over everything else. If you’re looking to make your online store the first choice for your customers then it’s important you offer them a simple and convenient experience. 

If your ecommerce website doesn’t provide your customers with a positive and convenient shopping experience then it’s unlikely that they’ll look to buy anything from your website and increases the chance of them visiting your competitors websites instead. To ensure a high quality experience throughout the customer journey there’s a few things you should consider.  

Show Recently Bought Items

If you often find you have regular customers who keep returning to your store to buy the same, or very similar items, then it’s a great idea to personalise their shopping experience by displaying their recently bought products to them when they log into your store. 

This means that your customers don’t have to spend time searching through your products in order to find what they want, it’s right in front of them straight away and with one click it can be in their shopping cart. Personalisation is going to be huge in the upcoming year, so don’t forget to start offering a personalised experience in your ecommerce store.  

Make Information Visible 

In order to build trust with your customers you shouldn’t have to hide any information from them, this is why it’s so important you make information such as your shipping costs, returns policy and contact details as visible as possible. 

If customers can’t find this information quickly and easily not only can they get frustrated, but they can also become suspicious and find your business untrustworthy, as though you are hiding things from them. If you don’t want your customers to doubt your business then you need to make your information obvious, helping you build customer trust and also saving your customers a lot of time.  

Saved Items and Wish-lists 

Not all of your customers want to make a decision right away, in fact many opt to save items in wish-lists and saved item lists before coming to a final decision. Whilst many can simple save a page to their bookmarks, it’s not as convenient as having one entire webpage with all their possible choices saved. 

Not only can offering a wish-list encourage your customers to come back to your site to later purchase the item, but a wish-list can also be shareable, meaning your customers can send it to others in order to get opinions or offer gift ideas.

Filtering Options 

If you sell a lot of items on your online store it’s a good idea to feature filtering and sorting options within your product pages. Your customers don’t want to spend hours scrolling through your pages trying to find the items they want, instead they want to narrow down the search easily with filters. 

From filtering the choice of colours to size even to sleeve length, providing dropdown menus or tick boxes you can easily give your customers the option to tailor the shopping experience to suit their wants and needs.  

A Simple Checkout Process

If your customers find the checkout process too confusing, frustrating or untrustworthy then it’s possible that they’ll end up abandoning the checkout process. That’s why is vital that you provide customers with a quick, easy and reliable checkout experience.

By showing a progress bar showing which steps are left in the checkout process, showing customers what they need to do next and by marking the required fields, you can instantly improve your checkout process and offer your customers a much more convenient shopping experience.  

Your customers want nothing but a great user experience when both browsing your site and when purchasing from your website, without they’ll likely be inclined to abandon your site in order to find someone better. Don’t lose out, with these simple steps you can effectively improve your online store, giving your customers the only the best ecommerce experience.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 3rd November, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce

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