30th Nov 2021

5 Top Modern Web Design Trends

Web design trends evolve with society’s preferences. For instance, before smartphones were widely available, most people favoured bright, colourful interfaces because they were engaging and eye-catching. However, as more people have come to depend on smartphones, their eyes quickly grew fatigued by vivid visuals, opting for “dark mode” on as many apps as possible. This has led many companies to opt for simpler, darker websites that are easier on the eyes to provide more comfort to their visitors.

What feels modern and up-to-date at one point can quickly turn stale and passé in the next, so it’s crucial to stay on top of web design trends to impress visitors when they land on your site, no matter the year. Users take around 0.05 seconds to decide to engage with your business after landing on your website, so grabbing their attention and making a memorable impression is vital. Here are five modern web design trends to consider for your website:


1. Texture and Dimension

Adding texture and dimension will make your site stand out while adding a creative, multidimensional feel to a bland website. You can achieve this look by layering different textures to web images and designs, infusing more depth and character to static pictures. You can also add texture through animation to give your users a more interactive and modern experience.


 2. Dark Colour Palettes

One of the leading design trends for 2021 is a dark colour palette. Most device users prefer dark mode on their operating systems, mobile apps, and desktop programmes to alleviate the strain on their eyes while enjoying its aesthetic appeal. After decades of brightly coloured visuals, users have begun to find relief in deeper tones and hushed hues, which is apparent in some of the most visually striking websites of the year.

Some websites have taken this a step further by offering both light and dark modes, while others have opted for a completely dark theme due to its straightforward, sleek look. A dark colour palette makes website content easier to read in environments with inadequate light levels while being easier on the eyes, making this trend worth considering for your website.


3. Interactivity

One aspect many Internet users love is interactivity. They love taking quizzes to find out more about themselves or test their knowledge, so you’ll want to incorporate this element into your website to make it as engaging as possible. That way, the user will be encouraged to take advantage of all your website’s features instead of scrolling listlessly and leaving.

Add interactive content to your website like contests, polls, and questionnaires, which will nudge your visitors to engage with your content while providing a source of entertainment to them. When executed well, it’ll be a long-lasting trend that’ll go well beyond 2022.


4. Horizontal Scrolling

Everyone is accustomed to vertical scrolling, but unorthodox scrolling options have begun rising in popularity, making it one of the more unique web design trends. Previously, changing the standard for website navigation was frowned upon, but given the rapidly evolving web design landscape, there’s more room for experimentation. Customers will remember your site more, especially if you’re an image-based website, as they’ll have an easier time scrolling through your work. As a result, you’ll offer them a modern and unique experience that will leave a lasting impression.


5. Clean and Simple Design

Minimalism as a trend comes and goes, and this time, it’s back with a vengeance. While many companies favour going bigger and bolder in their website designs, many find relief in clean, minimalist websites. Given the turbulence of the pandemic, people now seek calming elements wherever they go, and your website can soothe them by eliminating the stress and clutter of an overly complicated page. 

Instead of outfitting your site with tons of images, videos, and other things to look at, consider using basic text, minimal images, and neutral tones to convey a simple and memorable message. Sometimes, going calm and straightforward is the way to go.



Your website is your online doorstep, so it’s essential to dress it up in an exciting, memorable way to capture your target audience’s attention. By incorporating some of these trends into your website, you’ll look fresh and modern enough to attract more prospects and convert them.

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Anna Stewart, Digital Marketing Strategist
Published: 30th November, 2021
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